How Can I Help The World?

woman facing backward walk on green field
by Jessica J. Lockhart

17 steps to make the world a better place:

  1. Remember that person who’s always grumpy and makes you upset? Don’t become one!
  2. Remember the person who doesn’t respond to your smile but frowns? Keep on smiling, their anger is theirs, not yours.
  3. Remember that time you helped somebody and only got a rebuff as an answer? Next time, don’t take it personally and continue offering your support to others who need it.
  4. Can you think of a person who always brings out the worst in you? Love yourself enough to not let anything external upset you.
  5. Can you think of a person who always brings out the worst in you? Accept that person’s humanity and treat him or her with understanding and respect.
  6. Accept that you don’t have all the answers.
  7. Accept that another person’s answers might be the right ones.
  8. Understand that your experience of the world is limited.
  9. Look for the human behind the image you see. There’s a fragile human being hiding inside that body, a person with wishes, fears, dreams, and beliefs, just like you.
  10. Look into the mirror, look for yourself… really, really look at you, and once you see yourself, send love to the human being that you are. By loving yourself more, you will love the world better.
  11. Make an effort to stop judging others… nobody has all the answers… nobody has all the knowledge. Not even you.
  12. Choose to have a good day.
  13. Choose to help one person this week.
  14. A little goes a long way. Choose one person you’re going to be especially nice to today. (If it doesn’t work, go back to number 3.)
  15. Say thank you and feel the gratitude.
  16. Forgive those who hurt you, even in small things, for they might know no better or could perhaps do no other way. (Remember, you don’t know everything).
  17. When something upsets you, ask yourself, would I rather be angry or enjoy this moment in my life that will never exist again? And smile
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