Five Reasons to Discover Your Personal Essence

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by Jessica J. Lockhart

Human beings are already unique upon birth. Identical twins, for example, are completely different persons already in their first hours of life, when they haven’t yet had a chance to learn or experience anything and thus develop different personalities. That difference, that uniqueness and singularity, affects the way they see the world and react to it. The reason behind this phenomenon is Personal Essence; that which we are upon birth that remains immutable and constant throughout our entire lives and gives us our unique personal point of view.

Discovering one’s Personal Essence is like opening a window onto our deepest nature. By knowing what we are, a new understanding is reached that can help us…

  1. Explaination of reactions and unexpected feelings: we all sometimes meet somebody for the first time and surprise ourselves by immediate unexpected feelings, even in cases in which no words are exchanged. The emotions so suddenly experienced could include a sense of disgust, rejection, attraction or even affection. Even if it is the first time we have ever meet that person, the feeling is clearly there. Until today, no explanation could be offered for that kind of feeling. But we now know it is because of our Personal Essence and the way it reacts to that of the other person’s. Imagine that your Personal Essence is freedom and the other person’s is control; you would both feel it clearly upon meeting just because that’s what you are inside.
  2. Understand and interpret events from your past. Some of us struggle for years trying to find meanings in past events. Once you discover what your Personal Essence is, chances are those events will make sense. Maybe the person you were interacting with at the time completely obliterated your Personal Essence, or maybe the situation you were in didn’t agree with your Personal Essence. Discovering what you are will clarify many of the events in your life.
  3. Make the right decisions. Once you know what your true nature is, taking decisions becomes a much easier task. By understanding what your Personal Essence means, decisions will then be taken based on what agrees or disagrees with your inner nature, thus making it a much simpler chore and one that will prevent failure and disappointment. An example of this would be somebody whose Personal Essence is light; that person should always opt for the lightest choices and avoid darker ones.
  4. Recharge and boost your energy levels. Going back to your Personal Essence is like plugging yourself into an unlimited energy source. By consciously returning to it, your whole system feels recharged and ready.
  5. Adapt your life to the being you truly are. Once you understand the characteristics of your Personal Essence, you immediately change whatever doesn’t agree with it in your life because it doesn’t make sense anymore. You remove what goes against your innermost nature and seek what supports it, thus creating a life better suited to the being you truly are. Life suddenly becomes a much easier task.

These are but five of the many reasons why everyone should discover what their Personal Essence is. I encourage everyone to find theirs with the help of a professional Personal EssenceĀ® guide, as it only offers advantages and empowerment. Know thyself… from the real beginning.

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  1. Blisspot Wellbeing
    Blisspot Wellbeing

    Knowing yourself as a result of your personal journey can be one of the most challenging yet ultimately rewarding things you can do.

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