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by Vance Larson

Many of us do not realize that our inner dialog is caused by outside circumstances. And if they have realized it, they do little to correct it. When I say correct it, I am speaking in terms of leveling the playing field. In other words, I like to frame the day.

You may be surprised at how many people let the day form all by itself. And while there is nothing inherently wrong with that. When the day takes a turn for the worse, they have not done any prep work to soften the blow. You know the kind of day when you get a late start for work, spilled your coffee or locked your keys in the car. We’ve all had days like this. And sometimes, the days run together and last weeks at a time. This is where framing the day can help take the sting out of it.

When we start the day with intention, it can make all the difference in the world. Are you the type of person that starts to groan about Monday when it is only Sunday afternoon? What is the subconscious message that you think that you are sending yourself? Sunday evening rolls around and you really can’t enjoy it. Monday morning is here, and you wake up sluggish, irritated and already looking forward to happy hour. Oh yeah. The day was framed. But it’s foundation was as soft as the sand as it was built upon. Frame the day in a positive way.

I need 3 hours before I start my day

There are many things that we can do to frame in a positive way. For me, I need 3 hours before I start my day. I know it sounds crazy, but I claim the day before it starts to form. I use my 3 hours to meditate, workout, a little social media time and then shower. By the time the day demands anything from me, I have already checked off every item on my personal “to do list”. Do you know how good that feels? When my day actually starts, it doesn’t matter if shots are fired or if I get to ease into the day, my head is right and I feel as though I have already accomplished something. The day has been successfully framed.

I can recall running HR programs, and my staff would end up in my office for things that should not have happened. I would hear all sorts of lame excuses. I tried to counsel these employees, but they had no interest in framing the day. You can’t stay out until 3:00 am and expect to bring your “A Game” to your 8:00 am start. You can’t show up at work and tell everyone to leave you alone until you’ve had your coffee. You’re starting your day with a deficit. By doing this, you’ve done zero mental prep work for the day. It’s no wonder when you start a new day with a blank canvas, but you’ve hit some traffic and now your inner dialog is panic, fear or frustration. We have options. We could have framed the day. I love the saying:

Not all days will be good,
but we can find good in all days.

Start you day with a healthy frame. You don’t need 3 hours like me. But, a small time investment to get your head focused can make the bad days bearable. And, the terrible days survivable. So, set your intention. It can be a goal or a simple act of gratitude. Create a ritual or practice that feels right for you. For me, it’s a little mind, body and spirit. Just do whatever makes sense to you. Because if you don’t frame the day. You have essentially given it away.

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