Benefits of Wellbeing in the Workplace

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Wellbeing, it’s not just a passing trend.  It’s a state of complete physical, mental and social health. It impacts how we handle everyday situations, relationships, and what we care capable of. Tools, programs and resources have been accumulated during this century to help aid in our wellness and wellbeing, and yet we don’t see these in the workplaces. But why should we?

Mental Health is as essential for knowledge work in the 21st century as physical health was for physical labor in the past ~ Michael Freeman

Mental health is not something that’s just in our minds, it’s something that affects the whole body. Think about it for a moment, when you’re stressed, what does your body do? Sometimes you scratch yourself, shake, bite your nails…these are small compared to the sleepless nights, vomiting and fatigue that can occur when this stress escalates. In fact, the American Psychological Association has stated time and time again that stress is one of the biggest concerns in health and stress-related diseases include heart disease, diabetes and depression. It’s not just in your mind.

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So how do we begin to amend the mental strain that we’re under? We look at our wellbeing and start to break down the pillars that affect our life, not just at the home but at work. We look at the eight Pillars of Wellbeing: Stress, Self-Care, Relationships, Parenting, Nutrition, Emotions, Body and Sleep. These pillars affect our everyday life, from how we handle stress, to how we handle the relationship around us (not just romantic).

But what’s the best way of tackling these problems?

Everyone learns and adapts differently, which is why a program that uses a wide variety of mediums is essential in tackling these problems. It’s through multiple mediums such as articles, podcasts, videos and one on one coaching, that we begin to learn about the Pillars of Wellbeing. Using the Pillars of Wellbeing, we build a foundation of understanding and adaptation, resilience and patience. We begin to find inspiration and determination, a newfound productivity and focus.

 A high quality wellbeing provides an ROI of 6:1 by increasing engagement, decreasing absenteeism and boosting productivity ~ Harvard research, 2018

You might believe that you have all these elements in place without a program, but do you? How many days have you or your colleagues and workers had, where productivity has gone through the floor and time just seems to go so very slowly? Or the day ends but it seems nothing got done? You may not have the answers to how to change this, but a wellness program would. Perhaps your workers are not getting enough sleep, eating poorly or they simply don’t have the confidence to do their job to the best of their ability. But you can change this.

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Nothing in life comes easily, but it can be made easier. Wellness is essential. From the basics of sleep, nutrition and fitness, to stress relief, growth in confidence and management of emotions, there are resources and materials to assist you in the fields that build the foundation of a better life, and a better workplace. And if we’re all building this foundation, to be the best that we can, can you imagine what that would look like? How much could be achieved? How far your business could go?

A happy, well-rested workforce tends to be more productive ~ VPPPA, 2019

Wellbeing, it’s not just a passing trend. It’s a foundation to be the best that we can, and bringing a wellbeing program or resource into the workplace can only be a good thing.

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