Are You Attending to Your (Holistic) Health?

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by Adrian Hanks

Attending to our (holistic) health is not just important — IT IS ESSENTIAL — especially if we are wanting to live our best posssible life.

This is not always so easy. Our subconscious mind will always have a part to play in our ability (or lack of ability) to do this well. To stay focused and committed every day in this pursuit of good vital health will be a challenge in some way — that is almost guaranteed.

Finding tools and resources and a bucket load of commitment is the key to help us to do this. Finding this is the first step. Putting it all into practice and doing it is the second.

What I find helpful is to start with small steps and build it up step by step. Start with small tasks — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and build it up each day…But stay consistent in the building!

In the video series I produced, I share how to bring in the focus and the commitment to motivate ourselves into more alignment with our holistic health — I hope it will help you too.

To learn more about improving your health and wellbeing see: Men’s Health Course

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