8 Ways to Feed Your Soul

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

Everyone of us has a soul. It is always present, whether or not we are aware of it or not. Our soul safely guides us through life and wants the very best for us. That is why when things “touch your soul” it feels good. It is your soul’s way of telling you that you are on the right path for you. It is possible to take notice of the signals from your soul and feed it with the things that are good and right for you. This will connect you to your inherent goodness within and allow you to shine.

There are many different interpretations of what a soul actually is, and as it is energetic – meaning that we can’t see it – we must experience it. It is a hard thing for many to define. It is something that is personal to everyone. There are similarities that are shared across everyone’s experience, but the finer details are brought about by each individual.

Only you can fully connect your soul, and understand how to bring out its inherent joy. It is not a journey that someone can do for you. Everyone interacts differently with their soul and will need to find the things which work best for them. With this in mind below is a guide with suggestions for this process.

Eight steps to feed your soul:

  1. Get outdoors. Get out into nature where you will expose yourself to the beautiful energy that radiates from living natural things such as trees, plants and waterways. Nature is an escape from the urban jungle where the majority of us live and reconnects to the Earth. Nature has provided for humans since the beginning of time, and in fact, you are made up of the same energy as nature. Being with nature that is still and calm, automatically reconnects you to your still calm presence. It is natural that your soul feels joyful when in nature as it brings you back to your roots (excuse the pun). If you are unable to get away from built-up areas, try finding a sunny spot in a park. The sun has a range of positive effects on your health (in moderation of course), including boosting your mood. Try to find time to get outdoors and reconnect with nature even just for a little every day if possible. Looking up at the sky and consciously breathing it in is even helpful.Outdoor
  2. Take yourself on a date. Grab a coffee, treat yourself to lunch, or just spend some quality time by yourself. By doing this, you encourage an internal dialogue which can allow you to explore issues or ideas which you have been sidelining. Often the things that come up are of importance to your life, and with his personal time, are able to be resolved. Your soul is always communicating with you, it can be hard to hear at times, but when you are by yourself, you are giving it a chance to break through the business of life.
  3. Meditation and/or yoga. Both activities are ideal to help you to tune in with your soul. It is best to do these in a peaceful environment. Focus on your breath and clear your mind. By removing distractions, you have created a scenario where you are more open to, and aware of, your soul’s messages. For a more in-depth look at meditation, have a look at ‘The Benefits of Meditation’.
  4. Travel. New experiences allow you to grow. They expose you to new emotions and challenges that support you in evolving. Your soul loves new experiences, which not only build your character but strengthen your “soul’s voice”. It does not need to be an expensive trip away. It can be as simple as taking a different route to work or going a long way to the shops. A change in routine forces you out of your comfort zone, and as you are experiencing new things you are automatically more present. When you are present, living in the moment, you are more aware of the true beauty of life that is all around – all the time.
  5. Help others. Humans are inherently good. The feeling and satisfaction you get from helping those in need are unlike anything else. Your soul is caring and giving by nature, so when you give to others, it shines. Doing good makes you feel good. Make your soul happy, and it will do the same for you.Help Each others
  6. Do something for yourself. When you look after yourself as well as looking after others you have a balanced approach to life. Treat yourself to something nice. Find time to do the things you love. It can be as simple as reading a book with a cup of tea or perhaps something more active like rock climbing. Whatever it is, make sure you find time to do it. Your soul and you are one, and its job is to guide you.
  7. Listen to your instincts. Your initial response comes from a place within. Your soul is heavily linked with your instincts. If you can understand your instincts and emotions, you can better understand your soul. Your instincts will help guide you to the things you love, and what is important to you, so it’s important to listen to them. Your instincts will indicate what you should steer clear of and protect you from harmful situations. It can take a long time to become in tune with your instincts, as often we are conditioned by well-meaning people around us that their opinion is more right for us than our own. The good news is, the more you listen to your instincts the more attuned you will be to them. Your soul is trying to protect you and act as a guiding light by talking to you via your instincts.
  8. Positivity attracts positivity. When you are positive, you see more of the good things in life. Your outlook changes your situation. Your soul is a positive, vibrant energy, and it looks for positive energy. It is not always possible to be positive, as life is challenging, but the more focus on the things that make us happy, that is more likely to be our experience. Your soul is very powerful and is connected to the universe in ways that are hard to explain. You are the way your soul communicates with the outside world. Expressing yourself in positive, life-enhancing ways allows a true expression of your soul.

Trying to understand the inner workings of your soul is a near impossible task. The power they possess is astonishing, and the way they can influence the universe and bring about positivity is incredible. Some believe that every soul has lived many lives before this current one, which means you are the latest and greatest version of it. Remind your soul of this by doing things that make you happy. Get in touch with your soul and listen for its guidance. You are on this life journey together.

The soul is the truth of who we are

~ Marianne Williamson

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