Flowing With Life

by Deborah Tyson

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My son has been learning to play the saxophone. Last Wednesday he had his first concert. He woke up that morning saying he was too sick to perform. I thought to myself “that’s strange, he has been perfectly fine and now he will miss out on the joy of performing with the band.” I didn’t say anything and about 20 minutes later he said “I don’t want to perform today. I don’t know all the songs I am meant to play, and I don’t want to make a mistake”.

I thought to myself “Ah, the real reason!” I reminded him how beautifully he had played during rehearsals last week. I also explained that the magic of being in a band is that if you forget a little bit or accidentally hit the wrong note, it doesn’t matter as the other band members “cover” for you with their music.

I said it’s not about everyone being “perfect” in your performance, I went on to say, it is much more about the teamwork of everyone coming together to make beautiful music. I said that band members support each other in that way. He understood and happily went off to the concert, performed beautifully and smiled ear to ear afterwards from his sense of joy of being part of something greater than himself.


This experience reminded me that sometimes we forget that we are surrounded by a field of energy that is designed to support us and guide us through life. We are made up of the same energy. This energy field has been referred to in many ways throughout history, including Chi, Prana, God, Love, Tao, Spirit, the Matrix, Divine Healing Intelligence and the Universal Intelligence Field.

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Founder of quantum physics and Nobel Prize winner, Max Planck, discovered during the first half of the twentieth century, that life-force energy and spiritual energy are the same things. A huge, intelligent, creative all-knowing energy field. When we can move beyond the fears and doubts our mind can create, we can tap into this energetic field which is the source of all our inspiration and wisdom. We know when we are connected as we feel supported, harmonious—it is as though we are home!

When we are disconnected from our energy source, usually by the thoughts we create, it is more likely that it is then we manifest stress, anxiety, depression or feelings of being alone! We don’t have to struggle and try to achieve everything on our own. The universe is there to support us; we just have to trust and provide space in our life so we can listen, usually to our intuition.

When fear traps us, we can worry about making mistakes that can prevent us from wonderful new experiences. If we let go and have trust and faith that everything we desire will come our way at the right moment (not in our ego based time frame), our experiences can be even better than those which our ego creates. When we put our intention out there and take positive actions to express our skills and talents (meet the universe halfway) the right information, people and circumstances carry us forward as we manifest our dreams.


Where could you let go (worry blocks the flow of life)? What is your level of faith and trust on a scale of one to ten? Do you listen to your intuition, or do you let the voice of worry and fear override it? How are you supported and who do you feel supports you?

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