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The Author
Deborah Fairfull
Posted on June 22, 2016

Estimated reading time: 1 minute 

I am a big fan of yoga—I have practised yoga over the past 20 years. However, even after all this time, I sometimes forget to switch on my core muscles that give me STRENGTH. While I was stressing and straining to do a pose, my gorgeous yoga teacher, came over and reminded me: "Deb switch on your core muscles!" I did and suddenly the pose was EFFORTLESS! 

This reminds me of life. Life becomes a whole lot easier when we switch over to our core power. When we reach inside ourselves and tap into our innate skills and talents life begins to flow. It may take training. determination and persistence as we learn new skills, but if it is what we love to do you will find the time and energy to do so.

Once you are in the right place for you, life will begin to have a sense of ease about it as you switch on your personal power, engaging in the work that you LOVE.


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