Why Decorating a Christmas Tree is Good for your Health

christmas decoration
by Blisspot Wellbeing

Of all the months, December is undoubtedly the most festive, and there is no better way of setting the Christmas vibe than with a tree adorned with fluffy tinsel and sparkling baubles. Did you know decorating a Christmas tree has many health and well-being benefits?

Decorating a Christmas tree:

1. Provides Good Exercise

As you spend time getting up and down a ladder or on a chair to reach the high bits. A big tree can take a good couple of hours of solid movement to decorate as you bend and stretch while you do it. Putting your kids on your shoulders to reach the high bits is loads of fun for them and great exercise for you.

Father and Daughter Decorating Christmas Tree

2. Brings Families Together

Kids love pulling out the Christmas tree and all the beautiful decorations. Particularly when children are younger, Christmas can be a truly magical time of the year. Maintain the fun and joy of decorating your tree, so the magic never has to wear off, even when you are an adult.

The process of decorating a tree is a highly creative endeavour which allows families to collaborate to develop the best tree possible. This is a great team-building exercise, strengthening the bond of your family. Whatever your decorating style, together your family will have created something joyous and wonderful together that you can all be proud of.

Family Decorating Christmas Tree

3. Makes you Feel Good

Dr Birgitta Gatersleben, states that:  “… people recover more quickly from stress and mental fatigue when exposed to natural, as opposed to built-up and ‘fake’ environments. Indeed, plants in offices have been shown to have a positive effect on the wellbeing and creativity of workers.” Including a real Christmas tree in your home, can work wonders for your well-being too. Dr Gatersleben reports that humans have greater positive responses to natural environments than fake artificial ones.

Just the wonderful pine smell of your Christmas tree can calm your nerves and allow you to feel relaxed at one of the busiest times of the year. It’s nature’s gift to you.

Woman Decorating Christmas Tree

4. Sets a Positive Mood

From the colourful baubles, beautiful lights, and shining ornaments to the delicious pine scent, it’s natural to feel uplifted when stepping into a room with a Christmas tree.  Seeing how children get so excited and joyful at Christmas time automatically helps you to feel excited and joyful too. Christmas trees in all their beauty and glory emanate a positive mood setting the scene for a truly festive and fun Christmas season. Decorating a tree also can help you connect with your inner child, your inner wonder and your inner beauty. Let that beauty shine for all to see.


Mother and Child decorating Christmas Tree

5. Rekindles your spirit

Being happy is your natural state and the beauty of a Christmas tree can automatically remind you, no matter what your age, of your natural sense of your true spirit that is wise, kind, compassionate and joyful.

Old Woman Holding Christmas Tree

This year rather than seeing decorating your tree as a chore, at often the busiest time of the year—squeezed in amongst other important priorities—make decorating your tree a main joyful event leading up to Christmas Day.

Allow plenty of time to do it so you don’t feel rushed. Plan ahead and let as many of the people in your household as possible know about it, so that they can join in. Provide delicious snacks to have while you are decorating, accompanied by the Christmas music you absolutely love.

Feel your heart open and the feel-good hormones spread throughout your body, doing absolute wonders for your health and happiness.

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