Using Aromatherapy to Increase your Emotional Mastery

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by lucie kasna

Life is full of distractions, but that doesn’t mean your mind needs to be distracted by worries, anxieties, and troubles that take you out of the present and prevent you from accomplishing the things that are most important to you. To date, Science and modern approaches to achieving wellness have largely been focused on physiology. The irony is that our physiology begins with our psychology?—?how we think and what we believe.

How you “feel” and what you believe about how you feel have a big impact on what you are experiencing from your body on a physiological level.

Our bodies are amazing, as the body constantly seeks to maintain homeostasis balance. Homeostasis is the capacity to circulate all the information around the body and ability to process this information in the best way.

Show me one person that had THE PERFECT childhood? As Laura Jacobs says: “you spend your childhood acquiring your weaknesses and failures so you can spend the whole adulthood turning them into your strengths”

Research found that a lot of our chemical habits started in childhood. By chemical habits I mean, if you are exposed to stress for long periods of time, your body produces steroids. Steroids block serotonin. This will cause your mood to go down?—?creating more stress?—?and the body needing more steroids. Your body will eventually get addicted to steroids or stress. It becomes a cycle or memories of unsafe and insecure feelings. This is not only created in your brain, it goes all the way down to the cellular level.

What form does information come in: messenger molecule, ligands, hormones and neurotransmitters, and peptides (emotional molecule).

Messenger Molecules

With whatever is happening in our life, we get the information through the body, we respond, physically and emotionally. This could be positive or negative. We tend to create chemical response habits like frustration every time our kid doesn’t listen or fear when we have to speak in public.

The good news is emotions are organic. So we have the opportunity to get involved in this process, get ahead of our emotions, not behind and make changes to our habits such as frustration, stress or a negative outlook.

Limbic brain

Our sense of smell is a huge part of our survival process. Our sense of smell is related to our emotional processes. Essential oils are exogenous ligands (external molecules) to create enterogenous molecules. This means that we can create happy hormones (endorphins) inside our body by smelling certain oils. By introducing aromatherapy you will support emotional intelligence in your body.


You can control how you want to feel today, how you want to process emotions and react—this does take effort and commitment as you let go of behaviours and emotional patterns that no longer serve you. However the journey to emotional mastery is certainly worth it, as you will feel more confident and empowered in your every day interactions.

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