The Ripple Effect of Kindness

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by Vance Larson

You’ll never know just how powerful one kind act is. So let me give you an example. You’re in a canoe on a big lake. The lake far exceeds the size of your canoe. Yet, when you start paddling, if you looked behind you, there would be a v shape ripple (a wake) that in many cases will hit both sides of the shore. One small canoe causes one large wake. That is the nature of the ripple.
We’ve all had a bad ripple day. You get a late start, drop your phone and it cracks, get chewed out by your boss for coming in late, and you haven’t even started the day yet. Oh yeah. We’ve all had them. And because many of us focus on the ripple, we tend to see even more unfortunate events unfold throughout the day. But there is a beauty to that. The other side of the coin. If bad follows bad. Good can follow good. 
Let us cultivate the nature of the good ripple. I’m an optimist. It’s extraordinarily rare that a bad ripple would get away from me. It’s not because I am exempt from bad days. But when bad days occur, I double down on my kindness. I think creating peace while you’re in chaos, is the path back to peace. You know like attracts like…sort of thing. Misery loves company. I could go on and on. But you get the point. 
I believe kindness is eternal. When we do something positive, we rarely know when and where that ripple will land. Maybe on someone who is having a bad ripple day. Maybe on someone who is having the worst day of their life. Or maybe your ripple, joined with another, is enough to create a movement, magic or miracle. Have you ever been blessed by a ripple that came from a suspected source? It’s a game changer, isn’t it? 

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The nature of the ripple. It doesn’t really end. Do something positive. Take the tiny stone you have and toss it into the large pond. Watch that ripple. And never underestimate a good deed again. No matter how small it is. What a different world it would be, if we all started throwing tiny stones into the pond of life. 
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1 thought on “The Ripple Effect of Kindness”

  1. Rose Jones

    one good deed, leading to next…though some people tend to think that people should only do good deeds for the reward…what joyless lives they must lead.

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