The Power of Positive Intention

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

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If you want to have a great relationship, draw on what is already working in your relationship; and build on that energy. It will help to bring down defences and allow each person to feel safe. How we say things is really important. Like energy attracts like.

If you say things negatively, criticising and attacking, that is the energy that will build in the relationship. If you share your feelings of love and affection, you will deepen your relationship in this way. Relationships are a golden opportunity to remind yourself and your partner of your beauty, goodness, and grace. Expressing yourself positively helps reinforce that you appreciate each other. Saying how you would like the relationship to go and setting your intentions for the future can be powerful too.

Examples of such statements include:

  • We get along really well, and I am looking forward to this continuing in our future.
  • We are so compatible, and I love the way we are so aware of and respect our differences to make it work.
  • Our relationship is so rich because of our differences, and due to our ongoing respect, we have so much we can offer our children.

In specific cases, as well as positive communication it may be necessary to set a boundary or a condition when there is something that is disrupting the loving energy in the relationship. A boundary can help to motivate each other to work to maintain the relationship to make it loving and harmonious. Love and harmony are the ideal and natural state of relationships. In our relationships, it is okay not to know.

Our controlling situations and needing to know exactly what is going to happen usually comes from a place of fear. When we are in a loving state, we surrender to life and flow with it, having the trust and faith that everything is going to work out. When we are trying to second guess our partner or what the future will be, we can miss out on our present moments and the true beauty of the person with which we are trying to relate. If we notice ourselves focusing our intention on one negative thing, or obsessing and trying to force things to happen, it can be helpful to take a step back.

Instead of letting our mind control us with thoughts that create stress and worry, we can make a choice to observe our mind instead. Instead of stressing and worrying, we can consciously observe our mind from that deep, still silent place within. This process is as simple as a shift in awareness. Rather than getting tangled up in our thoughts, observing them allows them to flow through our energetic system. Our mind then feels lighter, freer and enables us to feel as though we are flowing with life, rather than against it.

As powerful creators of our life, it can be important to send out our intentions and desires to the Universe. However, an important part of this process is to let go after we have sent out our intentions. This allows the Universe the space it needs to co-create with us. It is ineffective to ask someone to do something for you and then do it too. In such a case you are getting in the way and not allowing full input from the person, you have asked to do the job.

The Universe responds to you in ways that may be far more magical or beneficial to you than you can see at the time. Send out your intentions and then let go of any worry or stress that your desires may or may not occur. Surrendering allows us to connect with all that there is, and for us to be all that we can be. Flow with the power of creation.

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