Flow With Life as Yourself

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by Deborah Tyson

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Despite our best efforts to create the most wonderful life of our dreams, we can still experience feelings of stress and tension, and that creates inner discord and discomfort. Stress can be a signal that we are off-track with living the life we were born to live. We can engage in activities for the “wrong” reasons such as pleasing our parents, doing what is socially acceptable, or things that make us wealthy, yet in fact, these activities may not be the ones that make us happy!

Within us, we have an internal blueprint, which is the map for our happiness. If we are in tune with and follow this map it allows our life to unfold in accordance with our true purpose. Engaging wholeheartedly in work that we love, helps us to create this experience. In our natural state, we are open, expressive and creative beings.

Many people say they are not creative. This is not true. Everyone is born with creativity. Being creative makes us feel good–it’s fun to express ourselves openly and often inspiring to others. The problem is some people have forgotten and become disconnected and shut down around their creativity and self-expression. Fortunately, it is possible to reconnect to our beautiful flowing source of creativity within.

Many great artists and writers openly attribute their work as an expression of co-creation with God. It is common for artists to say that it is God’s energy that flows through them and is manifested in their work—they are just the conduits of this manifestation. Michelangelo’s creation of the Sistine Chapel is an inspiring example of what a single man can achieve when co-creating with God.

During his lifetime Michelangelo was a sculptor, painter, and architect. He produced works such as the Statue of David, the Sistine Chapel frescos, and was the architect of the Medici Chapel. To be a highly accomplished sculptor, painter, or architect is amazing in itself, but the fact he was a master in all three areas is truly awe-inspiring. Michelangelo believed that his art was an expression of God, as he expressed in the following poem:

Whatever beauty here on earth is seen,
to meet the longing and perceptive eye,
is semblance of that source divine,
from whence we all come.
In this alone, we catch a glimpse of Heaven.
~ Michelangelo

Connecting to our divine inspiration is possible for anybody. To do this, we need to find that space of awareness within that is beyond thought. Meditation can be helpful in this process. When we go beyond the chatter of our mind, we can form a direct connection with our energy source or God. Creativity innately comes from this source of inspiration. In fact, the definition of inspiration is inspired by spirit.

Be Yourself

I once committed to creating thirty pieces of art for a local solo art exhibition. I had only three months to complete the work. I felt time pressured but was lucky enough to have the support of my family to help look after my young children. Most of the work was created in peace and quiet while I was alone. However, the last piece I did during a painting day with my children, who were also creating their masterpieces! We were having such fun together and enjoying the process. On that afternoon I produced by far my best work: a small abstract piece I titled Heart, which I used as the title piece for the exhibition. The work flowed effortlessly as I was not consumed by my mind. It was produced in my natural, loving, joyous state, surrounded by the love of my children.

Creativity does not have to be this big serious thing. In fact, in my experience the opposite is true. When we are happy and relaxed engaged in activities and work that we love, creativity flows freely from us. So give yourself the wonderful gift of connecting to your creativity. When we open our heart and co-create with God, it is possible to create a life far more magical than the one we could have created alone. Clues are that we are on the right path is that we are doing things that we love to do—they seem effortless. We feel as though we are in the flow.

Life is not meant to be a hard, continuous struggle, operating on the no pain, no gain principle. We might have challenging times. However, we have the ability and can develop the skills to work through any challenges that life may present. One of the greatest gifts we can ever give ourselves is to take the time and give ourselves the space to listen to our inner voice; that is guiding us to enjoy our life as a true creative expression of ourselves.

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