How to attract the right person

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by Vance Larson

To attract the love of your life, you have to be the love of your life. There really is no way of getting around this. For the love that you display for yourself, is literally showing up in every other relationship you will have. It is in essence, a road map of what you deem acceptable.

Every relationship displays Yourself

Have you ever looked at a couple and thought, that just makes sense? When you take two people who have equally invested into themselves, they have attracted the same frequency in another person. It’s not just love relationships. It’s every relationship you will literally have throughout your entire life. From friends, to family to lovers. How you feel about yourself is, eventually what you will end up with.

I think many of us go though this phase when we’re younger. We have an idea of what we want in a person. Some even go as far as creating a list. But here’s the thing. Someone can check all of your boxes on paper, but if you ain’t feeling it, it ain’t going to last. So I revert back to self love. Because if you love yourself through and through, you will not subject yourself {long term} to anyone that does not compliment your soul. There is a hunger for balance, peace and presence.

I have been with my wife going on 20 years now. But as a young man, I dated a lot of women. There were so many, at one point, one of my sisters asked me to stop bringing a different women to our family events, because it was messing with my young nieces and nephews. What’s funny about that was, I realized she was right years later. Once I threw my anchor overboard and decided to figure out my own currents, the dating world began to make sense. The “List” no longer came into factor. There were no boxes to check, looks didn’t factor into the equation. Why? Because I was so secure in my own current, those who I previously attracted, had no desire to swim in my ocean.

You may have a list. You may have preferences. But nothing will attract the right person to you except your true nature. And if you’re carrying around baggage that doesn’t permit your soul to shine, that list will be completely useless. It’s all about frequency, baby. And the love of your life, is waiting for you to become the love of your life.

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