The Effect of Beliefs on Relationships

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It is important to remember that we would never consciously choose beliefs that create pain and suffering for ourselves. These are beliefs that we pick up due to our conditioning: that is, beliefs we have taken on from our external world. The power of working with our energetic world is, with our awareness we can consciously choose our beliefs allowing us to be the powerful creators of our lives. If our life is not as we would like it to be, chances are, that there are some unconscious beliefs at play.

We are only limited by our imagination and ability to surrender to the magic of life. When we let go of fear, worry, and doubt, and instead replace it with openness, wonderment, and joy, our lives begin to flow.

We might ask, “What do beliefs have to do with relationships?” The answer is everything! We take ourselves and all of our beliefs into a relationship. If we have an underlying (unconscious) belief that we are not worthy of receiving love, it makes it difficult for our partner to give us love. In relationships, our beliefs are important.

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If we are unhappy in our relationship, with some inner work and awareness around our thoughts, we can change our beliefs to create a happy relationship. When we think differently, our lives will be different.

This process of transforming our beliefs is part of the journey to rising above the instability that thoughts and the resulting emotions can create. With practice, it is possible to live more in a state of presence—resting in our inherent loving energy within. From this strong, stable, intuitive state, we can make solid, loving decisions that support our relationships and journey through life.

In our timeframe, it is possible to be strong enough and accumulate enough positive energy to allow us to choose consciously to rise above fear and limited thinking. It is entirely possible to live a joyous and conscious life— creating the life of our dreams. We may experience challenges or setbacks from time to time, but with our emotional mastery skills we can work through them until we feel empowered and flowing once again.

With practice, increased mastery of this process becomes quicker and easier, just like learning to drive or tying your shoelaces. Regarding your life and relationships, instead of reacting to our unconscious thoughts and resulting emotions, we can feel more in peace and harmony.

It can be powerful to feed our mind consciously with the images of the life and relationships that bring you joy and happiness.

Personally, I have had incredible results in my life using creative visualisation. One technique is to imagine vividly the life that you want in full colour from an emotional place. Feed your inner world with thoughts and images that make you feel excited to get out of bed every day. Do not hold back—imagine a limitless life—you are a powerful creator of joy and magic.

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