Social Media Syndrome

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by Vance Larson

That women put crazy on ice. That is what I told him. And the truth is, most of us do it on a daily basis. I like to call this social media syndrome. Just kidding. That just popped into my head, but hey, it sounded good, so lets run with it.

Social Media is a Virtual World

We all know that person {or more than a few people} who post a completely different life on social media, than who they really are in real life. And while I don’t really care one way or the other, it does become a problem within intimate relationships. Case in point. That chick that put crazy on ice….

I took on a new client a few months ago, Young, good looking kid who is successful. He has money and his business is really starting to take off. He met a young lady and hit it off from day one. Over the course of the weeks and into the second month of dating, he would from time to time bring up some behaviors that were red flags. I encouraged him to be patient, as it takes time for us to learn each others rhythms. However, shortly after that, shit got real. Those little annoyances went from being red flags, to full on wild fires. I’m not going to disclose what she did, but it was to the point where police action was the next step.

Crazy on ice. Just be you. In any circumstance, and any environment and in every relationship. So many put their crazy on ice up front. But what happens when it starts to thaw out? People are like “What the Hell just happened?” You need not let all of your skeletons out of the closet. But it really is unfair to be so completely different in real life, than behind closed doors. Starting a relationship on a lie, will most certainly make the relationship die.

Look, we all have dirt. Find someone who doesn’t pretend to have clean hands. Yes, it’s okay to hold some things back as you are building intimacy. But to purposely mislead someone is just dishonest. Trust me. Your past can’t be used against you, if you are at peace with it. And the person who tries to use it against you, does not deserve a seat at your table anyway.

Social media syndrome. Don’t put crazy on ice. Because sooner or later, crazy is going to thaw. And all that will be left is you standing in a puddle, wondering why you are alone yet again.

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