Relationships as an Enchanting Journey of Discovery

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

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Relationships can create our greatest pain or our greatest joy as they can be fraught with challenging feelings. It is when we are unconscious of our feelings, it can drive our behaviours causing us to say and do things that we later regret.

Our thoughts are responsible for how we feel. As we become more conscious of our thoughts, emotions and resulting behaviours, we are more able to make choices around them. Increasing consciousness gives us the ability to live in a more open, non-reactive state. Going beyond the instability of our thoughts and emotions helps us to live in a more connected, fulfilling way, supported by our inner peace.

We may feel challenged from time to time, and we may feel intense painful emotions; however, it is possible to develop the skills and awareness not to resist them (or even act on them in a way that will hurt others), but to instead let them flow. Rather than acting out on our painful emotions, we can learn to observe our emotions and let them pass through our energetic system.

From this peaceful, calm and empowered state, we are able to access our intuition, our divine wisdom, and speak our truth, connecting in our relationships with integrity and love.

This approach is very simple, just using our common sense—things we already know deep down inside—but have perhaps forgotten.

There is no magic solution to our relationships. It is not so likely that we are just going to wake up one day and everything will be perfect. The process is a journey and journeys can take time. Rather than thinking it is taking a long time to get there, we can see it as an ongoing voyage of discovery and growth.

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When we can see beyond the limitations of our and our partners’ conditioning, we are enabled to connect at a deeper level. We all have conditioning that causes us to react from time to time, which can create conflict, however, even our most difficult interactions can be seen to be a gift, if we choose to see it that way. This is because it can allow us to become aware of behavioural patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us and choose a different way of being.

Our humanness can be used in our transformation allowing us to actually experience our divine, loving nature. Our humanness is our gift that we can use as alchemy to see our partners and ourselves as how we truly are. This is love.

It is important to note that while we may not want to change our partners (as unconditional love is about accepting ourselves and others as they are), there may be certain behaviours that need to be addressed. This is to allow our relationship to evolve, grow and be truly intimate. For example, if your partner is an alcoholic, treats you disrespectfully or is dishonest, these behaviours will prevent your relationship from truly blossoming. When these issues are addressed and worked through, the relationship is more likely to reach its full potential.

The journey to consciousness can be one of the most challenging journeys that we will ever go on as we face our inner fears, however doing so allows us to connect with others in a more meaningful, loving way.

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