My Guidance’s Directions to Joy: The Secrets to Bliss

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by Dr. Margaret Paul

Following these ‘directions’ from my guidance can bring you much peace, joy and manifestation of your dreams!

One of the things I’ve learned to do is follow the directions my guidance gives to me. This has led me to have an amazing life that I love. But since I know that there is always more to learn, I’m always asking my guidance to tell me what else she wants me to focus on.

Awhile ago, she gave me three instructions that I want to share with you, because over time they have brought me deep and sustained joy and bliss!

Let go of all Background Negativity

I had thought that I had released all the negativity of my wounded self, but my guidance told me that there was still some quiet subtle negativity going on, and that I needed to tune into it any time I felt anything less than joy. I was actually shocked to discover that the negativity was mostly minor complaints, such as, “I don’t feel like un-stacking the dishwasher right now,” or “I wish I had more time today to work on my new book.” Even these minor complaints were lowering my frequency and taking away some of my joy. As soon as I became aware of these background complaints, I consciously stopped them, and replaced them with gratitude, which was the second instruction she gave me.

Consistent Gratitude – Out Loud

I have been focusing on gratitude for a long time, but she told me I still wasn’t doing it enough – that I needed to do it out-loud for every little thing, such as, “Thank you that I have a dishwasher to un-stack and that I’m able-bodied so I can do it,” and “Thank you that I’ve been contracted to write a new book that I’m so excited about!” She clearly told me that I needed to feel the gratitude within my heart and soul – to the point where saying it brought me the kind of joy that makes me smile – which was the third instruction she gave me.

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Research indicates that smiling has a very positive effect on how we feel. Smiling releases feel-good neurotransmitters in our brain that make us feel happy. I discovered that the more I expressed gratitude for everything, the more I naturally smiled, and that smiling is contagious! Recently I was in a market and I noticed people smiling at me. At first, I didn’t know why they were, but then I realized that smiling had become so habitual to me that they were returning my smile!

Manifestation: It’s About Paying Attention to Your Feelings

The reason Step 1 of Inner Bonding involves being present in your body with your feelings is because this is how you know the minute you are allowing any negativity from your wounded self to limit your peace, joy and ability to manifest. Spirit always wants to help us manifest our heart’s desire, but it can’t when we are allowing our wounded self to lower our frequency too low. By staying present with your feelings, you can instantly notice any negativity and shift into gratitude.

You won’t know the power of this until you are willing to try it. While I experienced much joy before my guidance gave me these directions, the joy I’m experiencing now is over the top! Recently, Dr. Erika Chopich asked me what I was doing that made me so happy and my answer was, “I’m following directions!” She laughed and said, “What directions?” After I explained it to her, she suggested that I write an article on it, so here it is.

I hope you follow these directions!

To learn more about feelings see: Discovering Self-Love

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3 thoughts on “My Guidance’s Directions to Joy: The Secrets to Bliss”

  1. Aga O

    Nice tips! If I may, I would also add: "stop digging in past". When you let bygones be bygones and start to celebrate "here and now", everyday life becomes just… simpler! 🙂

  2. Deborah Fairfull
    Deborah Fairfull

    Yes such wonderful things that focussing on your three simple yet powerful suggestions can transform any negativity into peace and joy.

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