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by Julia

How’s the weather up there? And other jokes you’re sick of hearing. I’m not a tall person myself but I’ve known a few and they say many great and awful things about it. Just in case you needed some tips, here are 6 life hacks to help out the taller crowd.

1) Customise your bed

Rid yourself of the dreaded dangling feet problem once and for all. Most taller persons can get away with a king-sized bed but if you prefer a custom length you could always opt for a separate headboard and base. You may have to spend a packet ordering a custom length base but can make up for it with an affordable bedhead. Or if you opt for a more standard-sized base you at least won’t be tangled up in a footboard kicking it awkwardly through the night.

2) Choose flight times wisely

Getting stuck with costly seat charges on flights is a problem when you’re on the taller side. You much prefer the space of an emergency row seat, however, they can be in high demand. It’s a little known fact that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the least busy for flights. If you can manage to book one of these days you’re more likely to a) book a preferred seat or b) be lucky enough to have a spare seat next to you. A supportive neck pillow is another must since your neck is likely to sit above the standard headrest.

3) Adjustable shower heads

Along with sleeping, showering is a daily necessity that can make tall people groan. Standard showerheads just don’t cut it but it’s likely you are not the only person sharing the bathroom. Make it easy for everyone with an adjustable shower head on a rail.

4) Air dry your shirts

This one is a particular issue for taller men. Finding a shirt that fits a lean body with longer arms isn’t always easy, so when you get your hands on a few, don’t make the mistake of shrinking them! Follow all clothing care instructions to a tee, and the best advice is air drying on coat hangers since the heat applied by a clothes dryer can be a culprit of shrinking.

5) Ladies, wear heels anyway

Woman holding High Heels

It’s common for tall women to shy away from wearing heels as they are reluctant to add any height. Here are 3 reasons you should do it anyway:

  1. You like them and want to wear them
  2. You’ll be the right height for a tall guy
  3. People will assume you’ve got mega heels on and aren’t actually as tall as you look thereby reducing the ‘wow you’re tall’ comments to ‘wow nice heels’ instead

6) Embrace your special skills

Being taller gives you skills that other people don’t have. You can reach the top shelf of anything and see at concerts no matter where you stand. When I was younger a music teacher crushed my violinist dreams when she pointed out my fingers were much too short to succeed (I’m over it, mostly). But you won’t have that problem and these are the reasons why you are lucky. Embrace the tall things you can do that no-one else can like master the violin or piano and having a perfect body for swimming. There’s a lot to love about being tall too.

Live tall and prosper with these life hacks to sort your most mundane problems.

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