Life is a Canvas, Waiting for you

long curly black hair woman with green hat joins gravity paints on street wall
by Vance Larson

I was talking to a client this past week. Young, searching and an artist. They were worried about criticism. I have been an artist my entire life, and writing has been my medium of choice lately. I told her that I have a pretty good size following. Just over a 100k on social media. I said that sometimes, there are some pretty harsh reactions to my writings. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. My job as an artist is to let the art out. I am responsible for the art, not the reaction. And that’s a beautiful thing, to be unaffected. Now if we could only apply that to our lives…

You are an Artist of Your Life

Let the art out because the art is inside of you. Your life is a canvas. Paint it any way that makes sense to you. You are not responsible for the reactions of other people. You need not explain it. You dilute it when you try. Those feelings, images, songs and everything else that you carry within, is waiting to come out. Be expressive and unapologetic for it. If your intentions are pure, no explanation is needed. 

Like my client, I wonder how many are consumed about what others will think? You will only draw the wrong people into your life if you are creating art to please. Art should be pure and comes from the spirit. Your spirit. That song in your heart, resonating with you, will not resonate with anyone else unless you let it out. Until you do, you will keep singing someone else’s song, thus attracting people that resonate with someone else’s spirit. 

You are the artist. Your life is a canvas. All that you hold sacred is the art. Let it out. Because if you ask me, the world needs more artists. We have enough critics. This is our time to overrun the world with art. Start creating!

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