Let Go and Flow

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

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Life can be a wonderful adventure, but from time to time, unexpected challenges can come our way. Our true purpose in life is to create joyously, as a full expression of ourselves—to love and be loved. However, during challenging times we can stray from our path, not knowing how to get back on track again.

When facing difficulties, we can be told just to let things go. This may sound great in theory, but in reality, it can be easier said than done! Sometimes we feel uneasy or distressed knowing that things are not right, but not knowing what it is that we need to let go of. Of course, we want to let go of our problems but may not know exactly how to do this, and who is going to give us that extra support we may need.

Sometimes we get in our way of achieving what we want, sending out our intentions and then worrying that our dreams will not be turned into reality. We can have expectations around how and when things are going to happen, which is not truly letting go and can block the abundance of The Universe. Alternatively, we can develop the confidence and skills to let go, have faith in ourselves and know that we are the powerful creators of our lives. It is rare that we inherently have these skills and confidence, however, we can learn them. Bliss Everyday teaches us these skills and helps build self-confidence allowing us to properly take control of our lives.

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The WHAT of letting go:

Life’s problems can present themselves as tension in our body as the result of blocked energy. All pain, suffering, or tension in our body is a sign that we are holding onto something. All pain is resistance to ‘what is’. The body gives us signals when we are not living in the fully expanded and happy way as this is the life we are meant to live. First, the body speaks in little whispers, such as slight tension or feelings of unhappiness, through to the great big shouts, such as heart disease or cancer, if we are still not listening.

The HOW of letting go:

In meditation observe, in a non-judgmental way, any tension or discomfort in the body.

Breath into the tension creating space and stillness around it.

This focus and the resulting calm of your mind will allow you to hear your wise, intuitive self.

Surrender your challenges to your intuitive self and ask what it is you need to know.

A deep knowing signifies that your intuitive answers are right for you.

The WHO of letting go:

When we receive answers from our intuition, it is up to us to take action. We are the powerful creators of our magical lives! For example, we may not understand why we consistently feel unhappy at work. We may choose to meditate and surrender any tension we feel around work, to our wise self. Our answer may be, that we are not engaged in work that is our true purpose. It is then up to us, to start looking for a new job or take a course to get one step closer to creating in a way that is meaningful and joyful to us.

Sometimes we don’t get what we want when we surrender, only to find that when we have truly let go, that The Universe will deliver us something far better than what we could have imagined. The key is to remain open—to send out our intent, and then, rather than worry, allow the gifts of abundance in line with our highest good to flow to us!

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Perhaps what we need to let go of is feeling disempowered, and step into our truly empowered selves. Sometimes we hear from our intuition, that we need to confront or work through a situation, that we would prefer to avoid. We may need to speak our truth or tap into our will to succeed, allowing our dreams to become a reality. This can take courage and faith in ourselves that we are worthy of our highest good—and we certainly are!

We are powerful creators, even far more powerful than we can imagine—we are presence—the same essence as The Universal Intelligence. It is up to us to let go and tap into our empowered selves to create the life of our dreams based on our inner wisdom—our true divine, loving nature.

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