Joyfully Living in the Moment

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by Deborah Tyson

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Some time ago, my teenage daughter and I went shopping. We were wandering down the inner city streets, and I saw EXACTLY the toaster and kettle I had previously been looking for in a department store window display. Six months earlier our toaster had broken beyond repair, and I had to buy a new one. I had very fixed ideas regarding the toaster I was looking for and decided to buy a matching kettle while I was at it. The look I was going for was: red, with simple lines, yet very “designer”, a classic approach that would stand the test of time. However, I could only find a toaster and kettle that was red but with more of a fifties look. As I did not have a toaster that worked, I compromised and bought the closest toaster and kettle I could find to my “ideal”.

Six months later I came across exactly the toaster and kettle I had been looking for!! It was at that moment that I had this huge insight that this was a pattern for me. Often I have had the idea for something I desire and are unable to find, so I compromise and buy the closest thing. Sure enough, six months later I will see the exact thing I wanted. Upon seeing the window display, I realised that I constantly recreate this situation, from the limiting belief that “life is better in the future.” As this was my belief, this is what I had been unconsciously manifesting for myself!

As my belief was now conscious, I had the ability to change it to one that supported me. I had CHOICE as to how my life could unfold. I decided that I would reprogram myself to believe “my life is fantastic right now”. Here I was shopping with my beautiful teenage daughter, what could be better than that? A perfect jug or toaster was irrelevant. I felt fully present and content.

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Life gives us opportunities to change our unconscious beliefs. When we do something repeatedly, this can be a behavioural pattern driven by a belief. If it is a pattern, we would prefer not to have, awareness of the pattern gives us the power to reprogram our unconscious mind and create the life we want. Our mind is 10% conscious, which is where we have the ability to make a choice. The rest is 90% unconscious and is where every belief, memory and emotion is stored. There is no choice within the subconscious mind. When we become aware of what is going on in our subconscious, we can create a life of choice, rather than being driven by subconscious patterns of behaviour that can end us up in situations that we don’t want.

If we think life will be better in the future—then that is what it will be for us. If we believe that life is great right now, that will be our experience. Happiness is a state of mind. With this way of being, it is possible to be content regardless of external circumstances which are so often beyond our control.


What would you like to change in your life? What are your beliefs around this area? Now that you have consciously thought about it, how can you change your beliefs so that they support you?

How do you feel right now? How do you feel when you say to yourself “at this moment I am perfectly happy?”

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