How to Work with your Thoughts to Ease Stress

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by Alkehela

The world is a looking glass that gives back to everyone a true reflection of his own thought. Rule your mind or it will rule you. ~ Buddha

It is interesting that whenever we speak about detox we automatically think about the physical body and what goes into the mouth. Have you ever thought about what comes out of the mouth? The thoughts that turn into words, which then create our reality.

What is a toxic thought?

They are the constant judgements that we have about ourselves which we project onto others. The criticism, and anger, that leads to the victim mentality. “It’s not my fault.” It’s those negative thoughts, constant judgements that we have about ourselves and then project onto others.

How does all this happen?

One bad day turns in to two, then three, before you know it most days are bad. Every thought is negative and based on fear.

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Why is that?

There was a time when most days were good. We felt confidant, happy and optimistic. We were positive and saw the glass as half full not half empty.
If your belief system changes, so will your thought patterns.

A teacher once told me that the definition of fear is false evidence appearing real. It is all an illusion created by our minds based on past experiences that are no longer relevant. Instead of learning the lessons we hold onto the emotions that cause us pain and dictate our actions. Creating suffering.

A negative change created by a rush of emotions can cause a loss of interest in your own well-being. It’s common to reach for comfort foods, to stop exercising, to stop trying and stop caring. Soon your whole body is full of all sorts of toxins. We become in slaved within our mind by the constant judgements and criticism that we have about ourselves.
An example of this was a client I once had. In the space of 2 years she went from a successful lawyer, size 8 and happy for all that she had achieved to a size 18, depressed and unable to work. Her depression was so extreme that she couldn’t see colours anymore just dull shades. She had placed such pressure on herself to be the best, to be perfect, that at the end she ended up with a nervous breakdown. Her ego got out of control. Her mind became a pressure cooker with the constant mind chatter, self-doubts and judgements. Her fears became uncontrollable to the point that they disabled her.
To prevent such a distortion from happening, consider what is going into your mind as well as what is coming out of it. It is important to start freeing the mind from all toxic thought and to take responsibility for our whole being.
We cannot change the past we have no control of the future. All we have is the now. Through living in the moment you are then able to create a future. The only control we have is this moment in time and when we are living in the now there is no room for toxic thoughts to feed.
Imagine that your brain is a computer and negative thoughts are like a virus. They slowly creep in and can take over. They can cause all sorts of suffering. Remember what we think is what we speak of and what we speak of is what we create.
Thought, Words, Action
There are many tools you can use to take back control of your thoughts and stop the mind chatter. Meditation, Chi Qong, Thai Chi, Yoga to name a few. It’s important to find what resonates for you.
A quick meditation to try when you go to bed at night is the 21 breath meditation. Imagine a golden light coming down from creator (creator is what creator is to you) The universal life force. If you can’t imagine colours with your eyes closed then try to sense it. It’s all about intent. Breath down that golden light into your pituitary gland located below the brain in the centre of your head. As you breathe out feel it touching every cell of your being. Releasing it into your whole body. Just 21gentle, slow breaths. This will help to release some of those toxic thoughts and calm the mind. It will also assist with getting a good night sleep.
In today’s world, there is an increasing pressure to succeed and so much information to absorb it is becoming difficult to control the mind chatter and the expectations that are placed on us can be overwhelming. It is more important than ever that we take time out and still the mind and bring balance into our world.
The world is what you think it is and energy flows where attention goes
It is your responsibility to master your thoughts. Your life can be a dream or a nightmare. You have the ability to create your reality. The choice and responsibility is yours.

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  1. Deborah Fairfull
    Deborah Fairfull

    What a beautiful, life-enhancing blog. Our toxic thoughts do create negative results in our life. When we are empowered over our thoughts we can create our best life.

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