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by Sergei VanBellinghen

Decide who you want to be because when you look around you, there are no guardrails on your life. The reality is that other people try to tell you that only certain things are right. They paint a dull path for you to follow, such as go to school, get good grades, have a degree, get a decent job and retire.

But who do you want to be? Do you desire to become the sheep that follows the crowd or the wolf that decides and creates his own fate?

Following the crowd is the plan that everyone wants you to believe to be really the map of life. But the reality is that you are free to choose anything you want. The road others want to put you on is just an illusion. You can go anywhere and be anyone you want. Therefore, the choice is yours, to begin with.

So, you can construct yourself and decide what it is you want to believe. As long as you are not violating the law of physics, which are still pretty unknown to all of us, you get to create and build something that you want to be.

Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real. – Tupac Shakur

The Right to Decide

And in that, most people get lost. They do not understand that they have control over their life because they think that there is a common path that must be followed. So emotionally, they do not feel real or at least their life does not feel right. As a result, they are unsure.

Yet, as a child, very few people tell you that you can choose. So, you have to focus on your dreams which give you then, the ability to construct the path you desire. You have the right to decide the road you want to walk on. And so, you must manifest something concrete and passionate in your life.

Therefore, decide to be who you really are, who you want to be, and build something with your hands. You can even create something that has never been seen or done before. And you have all the right in the world to believe in things that other people cannot yet see.

Choosing Who You Want to Be

Your dreams are your reality and are what you should bring into existence, and not what others want you to be or do. The reason is that your vision is what you have to believe in and take seriously. So decide who you want to be and for the first time, you will find yourself.

Also, it is a decision you need to make which is more important than the goals you set in your life. And it is defining who you want to become. That decides your existence far more than what you try to create around you.

Therefore, who you want to ultimately reflect your attitudes and beliefs about life itself and about you. In the end, what matters is not what you have but what you are. And you manifest your world more than any other factor.

The Price to Pay

Everyone wants to be successful but virtually nobody understands that success is a path. It is not a finish line but a process. And this progression is an acquisition of skills.

If you want to be successful and do something that other people cannot do, then you have to become capable of the remarkable. It does not matter what you are born with, or who you are. Anyone can do it. What matters is who you want to be and the price you are willing to pay to get there.

You might have to work harder or longer than anybody else, but there are no shortcuts or magic trick. The price is to get so good that other people cannot ignore you anymore. You need to learn to beat anyone else at the game you choose to play. And once you get to that point, then success will be yours.

Enthusiasm is common but endurance is rare. – Angela Duckworth

Enduring to Be Who You Want

But remember that while you are sitting back on your laurels, someone else is practising. Therefore, you must have a passion for what you are doing that can endure.

So decide who you want to be, feel it burning from the inside. You must push forward when other people break. Get the ability to endure, so as to do what is boring. Step in the pain and anguish. Know that suffering is a choice because on the other side of endurance is the skillset that makes you unstoppable.

If you really want to be great in your life, smash it and be remembered, the key is to acquire as many skills as you can. Everything you bring into your world gives a bigger chance of winning. But you have to be totally focused and committed to gaining abilities.

Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success. – Scott Adams

Visualizing Who You Want to Be

If you feel that setting a “to be” goal is absurd because your genes and your parental background is making that decision for you, you are wrong. You have to realize that this whole concept is complete garbage. As a result, you are the one who decides who you become in your life.

And no one, not a questionnaire, school, administration, friends or even family can tell you who you are going to be. Make it a daily routine to visualise clearly your ideal self, the person you want to develop into as vivid and as precise as you can.

Picture how your “ideal you” talks, dresses, and solves problems. What do you feel, have, and do? See the consequences it gets on your life, friends, and family. Notice the little things about your ideal self as you visualize. Often, it gives you clues for realizing what is different between now and your ideal self.

The Current and New You

If you see yourself as being someone who puts great value on something but you do the opposite, it shows the difference between who you are now and who you want to be. So, you have to take control of that stuff, work on it and replace it with what you desire.

Who you want to be is not as far as you may think because you are whoever you decide to be. However, make sure that all of your actions are matching with your new image and you move towards the life that your “ideal self” is living.

And yes, the idea of deciding who you want to be might sound scary. We have been conditioned to believe in a certain way but not another. The unconventional seems impossible. Yet, I can tell you that it is a ridiculous and false belief. If you decide to become the person you want, you can make the necessary change.

Pursuing Who You Want to Be

Imagine yourself as a confident and courageous person. Picture yourself as compassionate, thoughtful, wise, enthusiastic, and passionate, and filled with happiness. Have the maturity to take control and take action. See the world as a place full of incredible fun, pleasure, and adventure, and not just sacrifice, pain or work.

Therefore, learn also to contribute and try to pursue options that help others as well as helping yourself get a better life. Lastly, be always devoted to having a growth mindset. Make who you want to be specific, clear and convincing to you.

And yes, getting the right habits or earning a certain income take time to manifest. It will also take a good amount of time before you achieve all the knowledge, skills and riches you want. However, get a persuasive and specific visualization because you always become what you think about.

My Final Word

Most of all, you need to make your image so inspirational that you push yourself towards it every day. Visualize daily your ideal self because you will become whatever your answer is to it. So decide clearly who you want to be and do not worry about walking someone else’s path.

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