How to Experience Abundance Through Gratitude

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by Georgian Benta

Creating Positive Change

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Life is full of ups and downs, but also with many moments that pass us by without us being too aware of them. 

Regardless of what happens on the outside, the way we react creates the experience WE have of life and in many situations, it’s the only part we can actually control. That’s why I love gratitude and why I started researching it more. It was, and still is, fascinating for me to experience how when I was at a really low point in my life nothing changed on the outside, but when I got to experience a deep state of gratitude I felt so much happier and fulfilled. 

Gratitude is a great life tool that is always there at our disposal. Whether we want to enhance the beautiful experiences we have by feeling grateful for them as they happen, or after they happened, or whether we want to get a bit of perspective and balance the scales when the negatives in life seem to pile up. I’ve seen this in my own experience, as well as in the experience of many people from all around the world, from all walks of life, from millionaires to spiritual teachers, as well as in the research I’ve explored on my journey. 

Changing Our Habits

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Gratitude plays an important role even when we’re not winning the Grammys or feeling sad about our life. Our life is made up of a series of small moments, small habits, things we do constantly and ways we choose to see things. It is in these moments when gratitude can make our life much better. One such example that I go through in the “How To Experience Abundance Through Gratitude course is paying for things. We do this every day, but what do we feel when we do it? Do you feel good about giving your hard earned money to other people? Or does your chest tighten? 

Gratitude can help us shift our perspective on this simple, every day habit. When we think about the service and the product we’ve received and how it’s making our life better and we’re grateful for it when we pay, we’re already in an abundant state of mind. Let’s take electricity as an example. We may not even be aware that we’re using it as it’s just part of life for most of us. When we pay for it and we’re grateful for being able to keep our food fresh in the fridge for a long period of time, for lighting our house when it’s dark outside and we want to read a good book. We can be grateful for being able to have a machine wash our clothes, and maybe even our dishes, while we do other things or just relax. When we can feel grateful , we enter a state of gratitude and abundance. 

The Impact of Gratitude

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Another great example of the impact gratitude can have is when we’re receiving our paycheck. For many of us, the habit has been to think about all the bills and debts that we have to pay once we receive the money. Instead of feeling joy for receiving the money, we feel lack, we think about how the money will fly away fast or how it’s not enough for all of the things that we want to do with it. If we start to do this a few times,  it can become a habit. 

The problem here is that this will make us push away money, instead of being open to receiving more. Our brain is going to keep us safe from such experiences, meaning that you’ll feel less motivated to work or to provide value when you know that the result will still not be enough. Instead, if we’re focusing on the money we do have and we’re grateful for the money that we receive, however big the sum is compared to the bills, we’re going to be motivated to produce more, it makes sense for our brain to take us into a positive direction. 

We can do this by realizing how abundant we are when we’re paying for different products or services, how many people get paid and how many families benefit from us paying for those goods or services. However, this takes practice, if we’ve been practicing the negative side of this, we need to practice the positive side to get different results.

Shifting Your Perspective

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TheHow To Experience Abundance Through Gratitude  course features exercises that help us shift our perspective, the way we do things and feel about certain actions that actually make up our life and influence our abundance. At some point, many of the ways in which we relate to money and abundance made sense for us, but they might not any more. In these 7 weeks you’ll experience a shift from lack, to abundance that will impact many areas of your life in a positive way. 

Practicing gratitude will allow you to:

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  • Improve the relationship you have with giving and receiving money. We have many ways of being that don’t serve us anymore, and gratitude can help us shift towards abundance and joy in an instant. However,  to keep the new habit, we need to practice it.
  • Experience more abundance without breaking the bank. There are simple things we can do to feel more abundant and grateful, which we will explore together in the course.
  • Become aware of the abundance you’ve already been blessed with and see abundance and opportunities all around
  • Develop your inner abundance of qualities, talents and gifts to share with the world to add and receive value.

Join me on this journey. I’d love for you to experience more abundance from the inside out.

To learn more about how to make the most opportunities in your life see: How To Experience Abundance Through Gratitude

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