How to Detox

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by Beverleigh Piepers

With so many people jumping on the detox bandwagon and getting involved in various cleansing programs, it’s important for you to stop and consider what works for your body and your life when it comes to detoxification.

Most of those juice cleanses in their fancy packaging do nothing positive for your body—in fact, they may do more harm than good. They will more often than not…

  • cause you to lose muscle mass, and may
  • decrease your resting metabolic rate, even
  • set you up for several nutritional deficiencies.

Rather than take steps that will bring harm to your body, there are a variety of measures you can take to help cleanse your body and fast-track your way to optimal health.

Let’s take a quick peek at what these are so you can add them to your protocol…

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Eat Your Leafy Greens. When it comes to supporting a healthy body, you just cannot take in enough leafy greens. Kale, spinach, and collard greens are all excellent for your body and contain compounds that can assist with the detoxification process. Aim to eat at least one cup of these leafy greens per day—more if you can manage.
  2. Drink Lemon Water. Lemons are another great tool for helping you with the detoxification process. In addition to the benefit you get from this fruit, water is excellent for cleansing your body and ridding you of any toxic waste build-up, all while keeping your liver and kidneys functioning optimally.
    Start each day with a tall glass of cold water along with a few slices of lemon added. Not only will this help to detoxify your body, but it will also help with keeping you hydrated as well.
  3. Consider Skin Brushing. Finally, skin brushing, the last action you might consider adding to your detox plan. While a bit more of an unconventional technique, it can help to slough off dead skin cells which, when built up, can make it harder for fresh air to move in and out of your system. Dead skin cells can also “block” the toxins from being released through the skin as well. While it may not help cure diseases or anything, some people will notice they feel better after doing a skin brushing session.

So, there you have three steps you can take to help remove toxins from your body during your detoxification process. What have you done lately to ensure you aren’t suffering from toxic build-up?

Article by Beverleigh H Piepers:

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