How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Great Sleep Every Night

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by Beatrix Schmidt

If your bedroom is more of a general-purpose room that happens to have your bed in it, than a space dedicated to sleep and relaxation, then this has a bigger effect on your sleep issues than most people realise.

When you have work items, things that evoke emotional memories, or even just general clutter in the bedroom, it can stimulate your brain to start thinking rather than wind down for sleep.

In this video, I talk you through some simple changes that make a big difference. It may even make you appreciate and enjoy your bedroom in a whole new way.

Your bedroom plays a really big role in your ability to get a great night’s sleep.

Towards the end of the video, I also shard a simple yet effective exercise to help you redecorate your bedroom easily.

The basics: light, temperature, sound and bedding

Something we all know about is how light in the morning wakes us up. To avoid this happening before we want it to, blackout curtains are advisable.

Although, as I often say, sleep tips should be customised to you and not a blanket rule for everybody. Some people find that total darkness is uncomfortable for them and make cause some anxiety, making sleeping harder. In these cases, letting just a very small amount of light into your room overnight will work better.

If you are a warm person then overheating at night will cause you to wake up sweating and uncomfortable. Or again, being too cold will wake you up shivering. Adjust the room temperature to suit your needs.

Noise related disturbances are frustrating to wake up to. If you live on a busy road then background music can give your brain a better focus while you are sleeping.

Of course, also looking at your mattress and pillow is important. Comfort makes a big difference.

Emotional triggers

This surprises people, but one of the biggest things I come across with my clients is finding objects in the bedroom that cause an emotional response.

For example, if you have a photo on the wall of a family member that you have a difficult relationship with or even an ornament that reminds you of them, seeing that on your way to bed can start you thinking about a recent argument.

Putting this picture or item away or in another room will help a lot.


Think about a colour that reminds you of a happy time in your life. If you have an association between a positive memory and a colour, that could be a nice addition to your sleep sanctuary.

Sometimes when clients of mine tell me about a great childhood bedroom they had, I suggest bringing some of those colours back. This can help you relate to the really great sleep you had as a child.

Do leave me a comment if you had a great childhood bedroom, or maybe you have a colour in your bedroom now that helps you to relax and feel happy.

To learn more about sleep see: The 10 Day Sleep Challenge

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