Dealing with Insomnia in the Workplace

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by Beatrix Schmidt

What is your strategy to manage sleep problems in your organisation?

Dealing with sleep deprivation and insomnia effectively in the workplace is a big part of the overall wellbeing strategy that organisations are putting in place.

But when I speak to HR professionals, the general problem is that there are no guidelines yet as to how organisations should be dealing with this ever-increasing problem affecting their employees.

If you do just one thing, start with raising awareness about the problems and not just talk about ‘better sleep’ in such a general way.

If someone is really struggling with their sleep and daytime productivity, they need a completely different type of support than someone who just has the odd night of insufficient sleep.

This video is a short section from the Keynote Speech I have presented at SOMNEX | The Sleep Show in October this year.

I have pointed out what has been effective for the clients that I had the pleasure of working with in the past.

The reality is that a lot of people don’t get sufficient quality sleep, therefore not functioning at the best during the day. That in turn impacts your organisations in so many ways.

To learn more about insomnia see: The 10 Day Sleep Challenge

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1 thought on “Dealing with Insomnia in the Workplace”

  1. Sophie Hawkins
    Sophie Hawkins

    Sleep is such an important factor in our overall health. It’s astounding to hear about the larger impacts of poor sleep on a professional setting and for the home life. I definitely agree that practical steps are needed to help people sleep and that sleep is a skill.

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