How to Create a Peaceful World

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

Positive change to create a peaceful world is entirely possible. Collectively, we can create a world that is harmonious, safe and founded on love. As with the other main movements, such as; the women’s movement and freedom from slavery, not every single person has to believe that peace on the planet is possible before it becomes a reality.

As John Adam explains in Building critical mass for change when 25 to 30 percent of the population is consistently supportive of a new idea, change can occur. Examples of this are with the Anti-slavery Movement and the Women’s Liberation movement.  People get behind a new idea by talking about it, modelling it, and taking action, with persistence despite all obstacles resulting in change being inevitable. We can all play our part in building a peaceful world:

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Accepting the world as it is it paves the way for positive change. Pushing against it creates more resistance which results in pain. From a place of acceptance, you can relax and tap into your wisdom (see How to Access Your Intuition) that will give you the best solutions to create positive change.

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  2. When you create positive change in your world from a peaceful, loving place, that peace and love will radiate outwards, enhancing others in a positive way. Your loving connection with those around you, with your family, friends, colleagues and strangers are infectious, inspiring them to live in a more peaceful, joyful way.
  3. The more people that look inwards and transform their inner world to one of peace and harmony, the greater the ripple effect will be outwards.
  4. If enough people believe and take action towards creating a world based on love rather than fear, a transformation will begin to occur. Loving energy can turn the planet from one of conflict and unrest into one of beauty and peace, over time.

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