How to Connect to your Spirit

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Your spirit is the divine vital force within you. It is your inner sparkle. Your spirit is made up of the same energy that is responsible for all life on the planet. The more connected you are to your spirit, the more happy, joyous, and healthy you will feel. Sometimes things happen that disconnect you from your spirit, such as; traumas, challenging times or taking on negative beliefs that don’t belong to you. Challenging times can result in you feeling alone, anxious or depressed, for example.

The good news is that it is always possible to reconnect to your spirit, allowing it to support and guide you safely through life.

Connect to your spirit

Step-by-step guide:

  • Train your inner world to be still, to go beyond thoughts and emotions that can create a disturbance within and a disconnect from your spirit. Think of thoughts and emotions as the waves that fluctuate, while your spirit is like the deep still depths of the ocean: constant, quiet, calm and peaceful. Meditation or walks in nature are wonderful ways that can allow you to connect to your inner stillness or spirit.
  • Learn to develop presence, as in a state of presence you are naturally connected to your spirit. Some ways to do this are; give others your complete attention when they talk to you (this will also do wonders for your relationships), focus totally on the task you are doing such as chopping vegetables, driving a car or cleaning your teeth. Any activity, where you are fully engaged in what you are doing, means that you are in a state of presence and connection to your spirit.
  • Focus on your breath and breathe into any areas of your body that are tense, including your mind. Focused breathing helps you to relax, and in a relaxed state, you are naturally connected to your spirit. Tension, anxiety, and worry disconnect you from your spirit.
  • Recognise and respect your spirit; rely on it to support you. Ask your spirit for answers when you need guidance and then be still enough to hear what your spirit is saying. Worry and anxious thoughts can create stress in your energetic system, blocking your spirit from communicating with you. Be still and quiet and ask your spirit what it is you need to know and then have faith and trust that you have all your answers inside yourself.
  • Be open to your spirit guiding you on a path that is better than you could have imagined (even though during challenging times it may not seem like it). The key is to surrender your expectations and to be open to the magic of the universe.
  • Consistently grow, appreciate, connect and protect the ones you love. These are natural attributes of the spirit, and when you live in alignment and exhibit these qualities, your spirit will shine.

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