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Positive psychologists have found that some of the happiest people on the planet are those who have discovered their unique strengths and used their strengths for a purpose that’s greater than their own personal goals or benefit. In wellbeing theory, there are 24 strengths that underpin PERMA.

These fall under the following six categories:

Interestingly, these six categories are valued in almost every culture.

Benefits of finding and using your unique strengths

Help improve your ‘pillars’ of wellbeing

Finding and using your strengths can contribute to all our ‘pillars’ of wellbeing (PERMA), helping us in:

Overcome greater challenges and show resilience

Research has found that people who use their character strengths experience greater self-esteem and ‘self-efficacy’. In other words, they feel good about themselves and have the confidence to tackle bigger issues and problems as they arise in life.

Feel truly content

We can also use our signature strengths to achieve pleasure and gratification through the activities we enjoy.

Make a real difference

We can use our strengths to serve something greater than ourselves, creating a more meaningful life and helping others.

How can I find out what my strengths are?

Psychologist Martin Seligman tells us we all have our own signature strengths.

A signature strength has the following features:

Using your strengths in new ways

Once you know what your strengths are, find a new way to use one or two of them. You can achieve more happiness and meaning in life by applying your strengths to everything you do and using them to help you overcome challenges.

It’s also great to realize and celebrate the character strengths in other people. Make time to cultivate and use your strengths in everyday life.

For example, if your signature strength is:


Think about how applying your strengths in new ways makes you feel afterwards, ask yourself:

This article comes courtesy of the Black Dog Institute.

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  • I love that your inner strengths can be something more than a creative practice or hobby, they can be intangible things like kindness. Things like creativity and hobbies are so fantastic to harness, but accepting kindness, compassion, hope, leadership etc as a strength allows for anyone and everyone to feel like they have a unique piece to add to the puzzle that is our world!

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