Everyone is Called to Their Destiny but not Everyone Answers

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by Tony Fahkry

Destiny Means Purpose in Action

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. ~ William Shakespeare

The concept of destiny and freedom has intrigued mankind for centuries. It is why I included two distinct quotes in this article from great thinkers, with opposing views. However, before we go on, I’d like you to contemplate your own view on destiny. Do you believe your life is predetermined or that you have free will to create your own circumstances? I changed my view on destiny in recent times as I delved deeper into the topic. If we believe our destiny is predetermined, are we less likely to be active participants in life? I have so many questions, it often feels like a closed loop. The more I contemplate them, the less I am able to find the answers.

One thing I know for sure, we all have a purpose in this theatre called life. Some have a greater purpose, perhaps to impact humanity, while others on a smaller scale. Irrespective of the scale, the reach of our purpose does not determine its significanceIt is whether we are actively pursuing our purpose that matters. It is, for this reason, we cannot talk about destiny based on our current circumstances because destiny means purpose in action. What do I mean by this? I’ve written before that life doesn’t know what it will become until we step into it. Life is neutral until we decide to act. If our actions are aligned with our unconscious desires, the consequences will not be aligned with our highest good.


How do we know this? Consider the last time you took action that was not likely to benefit you? It may have involved entering a relationship that was doomed from the start or taking out a loan you couldn’t repay. Whilst these examples may seem trivial, I use them to highlight how our greater self knows the right path to live a purposeful life. When we veer off the path, we experience heartache, pain and suffering. Whilst these may seem undesirable conditions, they are learning points to create experiences fundamental to our greater good.

Destiny is What We Create as We Go Along

Whatever may happen to you was prepared for you from all eternity; and the implication of causes was from eternity spinning the thread of your being. ~ Marcus Aurelius

Can you identify with this narrative in your own life where you knew something wasn’t good for you and it failed? To cite a personal example, I gained a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion many years ago, since my father was a tailor and I believed it was my calling. However, after finishing my degree and working in the fashion industry, I realised it was not my destiny because I no longer enjoyed the work. At the same time, I embarked on self-enquiry and realised I had pursued this career to appease my father. My unconscious will had directed the course of my destiny and I chalked it up to fate. It what the father of psychoanalysis Carl Jung meant when he said: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Years later when I discovered writing, coaching and speaking as my true vocation, I realised my earlier choice was based on my unresolved childhood wounds. However, all was not lost, since I gained valuable lessons and skills such in creativity, which I now use to write books. So, everyone is called to their destiny but not everyone answers because they believe their destiny should be different. For example, I’ve spoken with people who settle in relationships since they are ruled by low self-worth. They talk about being dragged along by life and find themselves in a place they no longer want to be. But we have a choice, yet to exercise our choices can be difficult. This is where our beliefs and childhood programs impede whether we move forward towards our destiny.

The destiny I speak of here is not a predetermined destiny carved in stone. Perhaps I will be proven wrong one day, but for now our destiny is what we create as we go along. And what assurances do we have that we are living our true destiny and not our unconscious beliefs? The universe is purposeful in every regard and even though we cannot see the entire puzzle, we ought to trust we are moving in the right direction. In that regard, we are all called to our destiny because of our existence and some of us will make more mistakes than others. Some people suffer more than others. Some lead notable lives while others lead lives of obscurity. However, it isn’t how we live, as much as the contribution we make to that life.

There are individuals who have been persecuted and endured immense suffering and established worthwhile causes to help others. Their suffering became the springboard for the salvation of others. So being called to our destiny involves being an active participant in our life’s journey instead of feeling victimised by a cruel universe. With this in mind, I’d like you to give some thought to your role within the framework of your destiny. Are you an active participant of your circumstances or do you feel dragged along by life? At some point, we must stop to examine our past to create a purposeful destiny.

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