Do You Embrace Change?

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by Vance Larson

I have lectured countless times on the change. The change will look and feel differently for everybody but make no mistake, you can’t avoid it, for it comes to us all. The real deal is do we embrace or battle it?

I have said that when I was in my 20’s, I knew everything. In my 30’s, I realized that there were a few things to learn. Then in my 40’s, I faced the fact that I knew nothing. That to me, was embracing the change. It was that awareness that allowed me to flow into my authentic self. It was not only the big things that changed, but the little things. I started to see the importance of every action and thought and while something’s stayed the same, the reason behind them was different. Like the fact that I workout every day. I used to workout to look good naked. Now in my 50’s, I workout to keep from having a heart attack. The change is not a bad thing, however I believe fighting it is.

When is the last time you took a personal inventory of what matters in your life? Why do you do the things you do? Why do you believe the things you believe? What is important to you now, that wasn’t important to you even 5 years ago? Try this simple exercise. Are you fighting the change, or changing the fight? I opt to change the fight. I fight on my terms now. What does that mean? Here is a quick (off the top of my head list) of what I would fight for now:

Preventing cruelty

Preventing injustice

My wife

That’s about it. The days of needing to prove anything are gone. I know my value and those who wish to fight with me, have little chance to get me to engage. Why? It’s the change. Call it age. Call it testosterone depletion. Call it a minimalist life but my values have changed dramatically. What do I value now?

•  Holding my wife’s face and kissing her

•  The sun setting on the water

•  Writing a great article

•  Helping someone get off the streets

•  A good nap

•  Laughing until I lose my breath

•  That moment of clarity that comes from meditation

•  A great workout

•  That perfect cup of coffee

What’s on your list? Think about it. The more you would fight for, the more you will spend time fighting. Some fight their age. Others fight a stereotype and yet, others fight to defend their opinion. Why? When you embrace the change, the chains drop off of you. Needing approval no longer matters. Life exist in its natural state. Free flowing and relaxed. Respecting the the change, changes you.

Appreciate where you are now because now is all you will ever have.

The change is coming. You can fight it or you can flow with it. Either way, it’s on its way. Appreciate where you are now because now is all you will ever have. And you can’t change “the change”.

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