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In relationships, many people look to their partner to make them happy, to complete them or fill their empty spaces. This, however, can be exhausting and confusing and is not sustainable as true happiness does not come from another but is ultimately found from within. Then any love you get from your partner is a bonus to how happy you already feel.

Of course when you are with a partner part of your journey is supporting and holding space for each other as you sort through any issues, past or present that you may have.

Just as everyone’s personality is different in many ways, in relationships people value different things. Everyone sees the world differently. An evolving relationship is where partners learn to empathize and understand each other as they get precious insights during their time together.

The only way love can last a lifetime is if it’s unconditional.
The truth is this: love is not determined by the one being loved
but rather by the one choosing to love.

~ Stephen Kendrick

Relationships and particularly if you have committed to spend the rest of your lives together can present many challenges. However, there are many ways in which you can enhance the journey so is one of growth and fulfilment.

Try these simple 3 tips to see your relationship soar:

1. Positive Language

How you speak to your partner is important, as words are powerful in weakening or deepening your bond. Approach any issues with a positive intent and use life-enhancing words. Focus on how you feel rather than blaming or accusing your partner particularly by using the word “You…”, which can make them defensive. When you focus on how you feel it gives your partner an insight into how you perceive things and usually deepens your connection.

2. Active Listening

Active listening is not just about sitting down and listening to your partner but really listening giving them your full attention. When you listen in this way you are totally present, not thinking about your shopping list or your response. You are providing a space for your partner to really work out how they feel and release any built-up tension. You might choose to reflect back to them what they are saying, including some of their feelings, to ensure that you understand what they mean. This demonstrates that you have been listening and you are on the same wavelength. It feels affirming to be heard.

Person holding paper, saying it is well.

3. Spend Quality Time Together

The more couples play together; they stay together. Spend time doing things you love. It’s easy, particularly in a relationship that spans 20, 40 or even 60 years, to incrementally drift apart getting caught up in your world, without even noticing it. Plan quality time every day if possible that is sacred, scheduling everything else around it. This could be a walk around the block, a swim at the beach, a coffee together, a chat at the end of the day, sharing sport or hobbies together.

Being part of a couple can be one of the most challenging, frustrating and even hurtful experiences you can have. However, if you develop the skills to work through any challenges and deepen your bond, as described in the eCourse Love Now, it can be one of the most magical wonderful experiences you’ll ever have, truly allowing your spirit to soar.

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