Can Being More Feminine Solve Your Relationship Problems?

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by Jane Mary Coaching

Have the love that you deserve

Are you scared of being weak and a pushover if you start becoming more feminine?

What if your man starts taking advantage of you?

Do you feel like you have to make a stand, be assertive, take charge and control what’s happening in your partner relationship or marriage otherwise he might treat you like a doormat?

If you’re feeling confused or scared about being in your feminine energy, I know how that feels.

I thought I had to be assertive in my marriage, make a stand, be forceful and definite in my communication and yet the problem was it didn’t work!

Do you find it infuriating when you’re trying so hard, using a lot of energy to get what you want in your relationship but instead you reach a stalemate and nothing changes?

If what you are doing in your relationship is working then keep doing it.

However, the chances are if you’re reading this that you’re looking for answers and it’s time to stop doing what’s not working, instead of trying harder.

Put it this way, we must have gender balance in our relationships to be happy, and most women tend to be naturally more feminine, and most men lean toward the masculine.

However, when it comes to our relationship, we feel confused and uncertain about our roles.

After all, women have made considerable advances in reaching equality with men.

We are taking leadership roles in politics, business and just about every arena and yet are we any happier?

Successful relationships

Is this because we are confused about our femininity and our role in relationships thinking that we have to prove ourselves and compete?

As I see it a significant problem in the world right now is that most of us are very expressive of masculine energy and the feminine has been denigrated to unworthy and less than which is just not right.

Let me explain what I mean; the masculine is the DOING energy of leadership, control, organising, planning implementing, competition and intellectualising which is SO important and the feminine is a BEING energy of caring, feeling, emotion, sensuality, creativity, and co-operation and is EQUALLY essential.

When these energies are balanced in a relationship, it creates harmony.

Think of 2 ballroom dancers, what a joy it is to watch the synchronicity of movement between them as the masculine leads, and the feminine follows.

Neither is more skilled or better than the other, although usually, our eyes are more on the woman because we are all captivated by a woman expressing her feminine essence!

What if they were both trying to lead?

Each would end up with bruised and swollen toes, and it wouldn’t work!

That’s how I see the dance of masculine and feminine in our relationships.

From my personal experience, I feel so much more powerful when I’m tuned into my feminine energy, and I genuinely believe that you will too.

And from my observation one of the significant truants in our relationships is that our boy energy is running the show.

How to recognise if you’re coming from your masculine energy?

If you feel the urge to control, direct, suggest, criticise, blame and organise your man, (unless he’s asked you to) you’re probably creating a barrier between you and you’re coming from the masculine.

If you’re being assertive and directive it puts walls around you that is a barrier to real connection and love.

Have the love you deserve

We’ve been conditioned over many years to think that we need to earn love, and yet the thing that makes us most attractive and magnetic is the quality of being and receiving which is the essence of a feminine woman.

I feel like a self-appointed expert on this because I did everything wrong!

However, it doesn’t have to be like that for you.

What to do about it?

We have an inner guidance system that has our best interests at heart, and yet we invest way too much energy running away from it and neglect tuning into our innate wisdom.

Practise every day:

• Tuning into your feelings and learn to express them, whether they are good or bad, in a way that carries no blame, criticism or judgment. Honestly, your man will love you for this because most of us don’t do this well!

• Lean back and keep dropping your energy from your head to your lower belly, especially when engaging with men.

• Place your hand on your belly and allow it to soften. This is your power centre of femininity, creativity, and intuition and yet for most women it’s energy is very dull, because we have lost touch with our true essence.

• Become more sensual and aware of your senses

• Slow down and become more aware of your body movements.

If you practice these simple movements every day, they will shift your vibe and make you way more attractive and magnetic in your man’s presence.

And you will have more energy and feel happier.

Try it and let me know what happens!

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  1. Deborah Fairfull
    Deborah Fairfull

    What a beautiful, practical article in guiding woman in HOW to tap into their feminine essence, helping to harmonise male and female energy.

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