Be Crazy Enough to Think You can Change The World

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by Sergei VanBellinghen

Be crazy enough to think you can change the world, and you just might. Although it looks like it is set in its ways, humanity is in fact extremely open to change by people who dare to swim against the tide of history. The major changes and inventions in evolution are always made by such mavericks.

So, which kind of person would you like to be? Are you crazy enough to make a change? Do you want to take the easy path, the one less traveled or create yours? Can you keep going even when all the odds are against you?

Very often, you hear a small voice which tells you that you cannot accomplish your goals. It is all in your mind and yet, you struggle to get rid of it. When you hear it, it is hard not to believe in it. But instead of fighting it, do exactly what it says you cannot do. That is how you can overcome doubt.

People frequently believe that if something did not yet happen in history, it is either because it cannot happen or it should not. So many people believe that there is no point in trying, all of that because someone crazy enough has or is trying already. But to change the world, you must think differently.

Do not go where the path may lead but go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Challenge the Status Quo

And yet, some eccentric people are crazy enough to work diligently towards their dreams. They do everything so that their vision comes true. And they are the ones who think they can change the world, knowing and believing in what they want to create. It is great to admire such successful people but you must not try to become them; rather be inspired by them to create your own.

Throughout the course of my life, I do not know why, but I always love to challenge the status quo. People often think I break the rules, but I do not see it that way. I mean, do not get me wrong, I am a maverick. And yes, rules and status quo have their place at times. But too many people in this world put their mind on automatic and just follow the easy road.

Yet, if the world wants to progress and move forward, it needs some mavericks to challenge the existing conditions once in a while. No matter what your belief or feelings are; it is true that all of us have the power to change the world. But only those who are crazy enough to think they can alter it do.


Be Crazy Enough

Know that you are born with the same amount of power embedded within you. So do not be afraid to think or be irrational if you have impossible dreams. Keep on pursuing them until you transform or revolutionize the globe. Throughout history, there are multiple accounts of people who were crazy enough to think that they could change the world and actually did.

And yet, too many people think they do not have such potential, ability, influence, or even good ideas to change things on this wonderful planet. Well, these people are right. The reason being is that, as always, you become what you think about. You create what is in your mind, never more.

But then, you have those creative thinkers full of confidence, the great visionaries that think and are sure they can create things. These are the people who change the world around us. So, you have to be a go-getter, an innovator, and more often than not, crazy enough to believe in your ideas.

When 99% of people doubt your idea, you are either gravely wrong or about to make history ~ Scott Belsky


Go Change the World

When you do go for your dreams, it is never going to make sense or be obvious. You are never going to walk out of your door and see a clear way that you have to go. But if you ever do, it is a trap. If you go down the path that is already laid for you, it is going to take you to all the destinations that are already known.

Thus, it is going to take you to all of the places that nature drove people before you. But if you want to go somewhere unique, someplace only you feel like going, create something new, change the world and really live a life that has meaning for you, you have to craft it on your own. You have to take the first step through faith.

As you start walking out on the way, the way appears ~ Rumi

And as you are looking at the choices that are before you, you may see a path that is well traveled. But there is also another that is not yet visible which will not become something until you step on it. You have to understand that this is what your life means to be if you are crazy enough.

Use your Natural Ability

But if you do not, the only frustration you will look back on with tremendous defeat is regret. You will know that what you did was easy, and even though it was you; it was already made by others before you. Yet, there is a natural mechanism inside of you, something that wants you to walk a path that has never been walked before.

And that ability is, right now, inside of you, which makes it even harder. You feel a desperate desire for things to be easy. But it will not be easygoing, it will be hard, and you are going to stumble, fall on your face, fail, but that is the only way you can change the world.

Only a man who knows what it’s like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even ~ Muhammad Ali


Crazy Enough to Change the World

So, what you have to ask yourself is what you want. Do you want it to be easy, and follow the path to be well-worn? Or do you want the road to be yours? It is better to know that inside you is a natural resource that you can reach into and grab. And that it will be there at the moment you most need it.

You have to know what type of person you are. If you are crazy enough to think you can change the world, you have to be willing to walk the path less traveled, the one that does not exist. You have to be able to tread through the brambles. And be willing to fall because it is throughout that process of failure, pain, agony, and suffering that you will become the person you dream to be.

Therefore, it is the process that will make you, you and what will shape you. And it is that suffering which gives you the reserve to draw on when you need it the most. However, when you ask for safety and ease, know that you say a prayer for weakness.

Walk your Own Path

But when you take the hard way, know that you are forging yourself. When you make those demands, know that you are building a reserve tank that will be there when you need it. And when you walk the path that only you can walk, know that you are living the life you are meant to live.

And that is how you become the ‘you’ worth becoming and change the world. It is what happened to me. So, be crazy enough and do not be afraid to stand alone. Do not just use your talents and abilities only for your own success. But make a difference with them. Do something of significance.

As a result, when you put all of those things together, it just causes you not to accept the status quo. The choice to be the person you want to be is all yours. Your inner power bubbles within. It waits to come up and explode, and nourish the world with changes.


Know you Can Change the World

Down the road, many years from now, you will be more disappointed in the chances that you never took than the ones you actually did. So, do not be afraid to simply take a leap of faith. Leave the shore, sail away from your comfort zone, discover the unknown and live your life.

As you know, we all have a limited time on earth. So, you do not need to live your life according to the views of others. Do not let people’s beliefs take over the inner voice of your heart and soul. Be bold enough to follow your gut. And be crazy enough to think you can change the world, and then you will!

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3 thoughts on “Be Crazy Enough to Think You can Change The World”

  1. Blisspot Wellbeing
    Blisspot Wellbeing

    It takes courage and commitment to dance to the beat of your own drum however the rewards are so worth it. The ultimate way to live is to be true to yourself. We often want to know the path, so we feel safe in walking the path. I love the Rumi quote: As you start walking out on the way, the way appears. Encouraging and inspiring.

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