Are You Expected to Work Yourself into the Ground?

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by Sally McGrath

You’ve invested, blood sweat tears and years studying to achieve your desire to influence outcomes through your legal ambitions, you’ve made it through the graduate program into the firm that was your number one priority and you’re well on the path now to making it to Partner.

Congratulations, you have accomplished goals, many people dream about.

Are you feeling as enthusiastic and full of energy to as those first days, weeks, and months when your legal career began? Perhaps life and work are colliding now, and your world looks more like work, work, and more work. Your evenings are frequently consumed catching up on work and weekends are a welcome relief to spend more time catching up on your workload, too.

 It probably feels like a treadmill WITHOUT the big red STOP button.

Tired and exhausted at the workplace. Young lady holding her head while looking at her laptop.

Here’s three simple tips to help you navigate the intensity.

 One: Listen to your body

The body will let you know when something is not right, initially tiredness, then increasing fatigue, leading to complete exhaustion. You’ll be dragging yourself out of bed and just functioning.

TIP #1 REST, SLEEP, NOURISH – Repeat frequently.

Two: Take a few minutes out

I know you feel you “should” be billing those few minutes, so my suggestion is to INVEST those few minutes into YOU. It’s as simple as, stepping away from your working space, disconnecting, and walking outside. Leave any devices behind and walk without interacting with anyone around the block, through the park, and simply be aware of your breathing, now simply watch and allow the world to pass you by.


"if you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness"

 Three: Review and Reassess

You’ve been pushing the limits with work and life, you know it, and you are feeling it. Now is the time for you to review and reassess before your head (further) down the path to burning out. You know something is not quite right and continue pushing through.


Now, is the time for you to address, what could be burnout.

Your health is being compromised and your career progression will come at the cost of your health if you continue to ignore the warning signs your body is showing you. It’s time to prioritize your well-being so you can enjoy a successful career, free of burnout.

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 Reach out and connect with me for more burnout tips or if you know something is not quite right, we can talk about the next steps for you.


Experiencing Burnout isn’t a reflection of your personal worthiness.

It’s a culture that encourages people to put work ahead of their personal needs.

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