A Simple Lesson about Goodwill and Wealth

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by Zoe Petrak

Are you working on attracting something into your life, either wealth or love? It is important to remember this really profound rule:

Do to others as you would have them do to you ~ Luke 6:31

In order to get what you want out of life, you have to align your thoughts and feelings with your goals. It is crucial not to indulge feelings of envy towards people, who have already achieved something you desire. It doesn’t really matter who that person is; your coworker, a stranger on the street, a family member or even a friend. If that person has achieved something great, be truly and genuinely happy for that person, whoever it is.

When you can share in another person’s triumph, you feel good, you feel grateful, you feel happy. You will attract what you feel and what you think. If you are happy for your friend because he is successful and has money, respect and an amazing family, you focus on success, wealth, respect, abundance, and love, and you will draw it into your life.

It is that simple.

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If you feel bad, if you envy, if you are jealous; if you poison yourself with these negative feelings, you disturb yourself and you focus on negativity and dwell on your limitations. You will feel like you are unable to achieve the things you want. You may even feel that you don’t deserve success or will never be able to reach your goals. You feel like this person has more ability, or more power, or luck than you do. So, you focus your thoughts and feelings on lack of success, lack of wealth, lack of love, on helplessness and your inability to achieve what you want.

And we attract what we think, feel and believe. Don’t we?

However, in the end, we are little parts of the whole. A part of the divine is in us. We have a power in us that is beyond our imagination. This power guide supports and protects us. We create our reality with our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.

Believe that you are great.

Know that you are amazing.

Believe that you have the strength to make your dreams come true.

Believe you are successful.

Know that you are wealthy, not only in money but in life and love.

Believe that… you are not alone.

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Know that you are always led to whatever is right for you. And love to see others happy. Rejoice when you see that you are surrounded by wealth and successes. Be proud that the people around you are prosperous and happy, and you will be rewarded greatly because you will feel, think and focus on what you truly want.

You will radiate love and gratitude and your dreams and goals will be closer than you think.

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