A New Kind of Makeover

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by Gretchen Hydo International

Beach season is coming. People are frantically hitting the gym and avoiding ice cream like the plague. We worry about our image, the way our bodies look. We compare ourselves constantly. So much of our time is consumed by new diets, attaining the coveted image of what we should be. What if we put all that energy into a different kind of makeover?

We don’t need smaller waists or better diets. What we need is more confidence—internal, fundamental confidence that exists independently of our success, our accomplishments, and even our bodies.

This kind of confidence doesn’t come from our circumstances. It is only established by looking deep within ourselves and doing an internal makeover. But where do we begin? The deep-rooted insecurities and the internal critic are just too loud. They can overwhelm any success or self-assurance we feel.

So what we do? We go to work on that internal makeover because our goals are waiting, and we don’t have time to be crippled by insecurity. Here are a few tips to help you get started!

1. Accept
You are what you are. There is immense power in taking stock of your assets and defects and accepting yourself as is. When we play the comparison game, we are automatically robbed of our ability to understand ourselves. Accept yourself and don’t buy into the trap of comparison.

2. Affirm
Self-affirmation is important. Know what you bring to the table. Own your strengths and weaknesses. Stay humble, but informed. YOU—as you are—have so much to offer yourself and the world. Appreciate yourself! Then, spread some of that affirmation around. Thank others for their work, point out their strengths, and speak to them with the kind of gratitude you want in your life. Being a bearer of good news, both to yourself and to others is a beautiful confidence boost.

3. Appreciate
Thank yourself for your effort, your passion, and your persistence in spite of obstacles. Appreciate the ways you’ve excelled and the ways you’ve moved on in the face of failure. Thanking yourself is a great way to open up space for confidence. Often our internal critic is the loudest voice. It points out shortcomings and failures and leaves us feeling as though those things define us. They don’t! Find things about yourself to appreciate, practice saying thank you, and watch your confidence transform.

These are just a few small things to help you begin your internal makeover. Each of these things are best approached as a practice. They’re not items on a checklist and you won’t master them anytime soon. Instead, they are elements we implement into our internal lives and continually practice. As we practice, we will discover new things about ourselves and enjoy the growth that follows.

An internal makeover takes time and commitment! You are worth every bit of the effort and never alone in your journey.

About Gretchen Hydo

Considered by many to be one of Los Angeles’ top coaches, Gretchen Hydo is an executive business and life coach who helps her clients get more of everything they want. With her background in PR, marketing, and business development, Gretchen gives her clients powerful tools to achieve their goals, break through obstacles, and become laser-focused. Some of the benefits of working with Gretchen include enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, increased confidence, higher productivity, satisfaction with both life and work, and movement in creating and attaining relevant goals.

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