5 Daily Practices to Live Into Your Dreams

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by Morgan Webert

Life is simply an accumulation of days. So if we want to change our life we need to start with our days.


It’s really that simple. Live good days and you’ll live a good life.


The big question is, are you living into your dreams each day? Do your daily actions align to your big vision? If not, how do you expect to get there?


Sometimes the big vision can stop us in our tracks with overwhelm. But, if we simplify the vision down to what we can do today to supports that dream, it all become more doable and the path more clear.


Daily practices are powerful tools to manifest our big dreams.


Below you’ll find my favourite daily practices that support me and many of my clients in living each day aligned to our highest vision and deepest purpose.


1. Identify with your Dream Daily


How we act is a refection of our self identity, a mirror of who we think we are.


If our underlying self identity doesn’t match our vision we are blocking ourselves before we’ve even begun.


On the flip side, if we focus on attitudes and a self perception that matches our vision, we begin to effortlessly act on dreams and attract our dreams.


Every day connect with the self identity that supports your dream. Explore who and how you need to be in the world that aligns to your dream.


TAKE ACTION: Write down three words that represent who you are when aligned to your dream. Write them on sticky notes and plaster them around your house or write them on your mirror. Repeat  them each morning while brushing your teeth and bring the feeling and attitude into your body to start your day.


If you know EFT Tapping integrate this into the daily self identity affirmation. If you struggle with a positive self identity reach out to a profession to help you break through that limiting belief.


2. Simplify into Small Step


Trying to do everything all at once is a sure fire way to get overwhelmed, crash, burn and feel like your dream is father away than ever.


Habit science shows that people make much bigger and longer lasting change in their lives when they commit to small, consistent steps.


Dream up the big vision and then break it down into small steps. You don’t have to plan everything out, simply decide what the next, small doable step is…and then take it!


Remember life is created one moment, one step and one day at a time. You’ve got this!


TAKE ACTION: Each day ask, “What is the next logical small step today?” Make a “Next Small Step” list. Let go of the overwhelm and relax into knowing that if you do this every day you’ll make big waves over time! Tap on letting go of overwhelm and giving yourself permission to go one step at a time.


3. Prioritise Taking Care of Yourself


We alone drive the engine of all our dreams, and if we starting breaking down with low energy, sickness or overwhelm, the force behind our visions wanes.


Self care, therefore, is not indulgent but a requirement for being a creative, productive person in the world. How you take care of yourself can either stoke the fire of your dreams or put it out.


The irony is that so many of us neglect ourselves in the name of passion, work, projects, family, goals, finances and more…and then either burn out in the process or are too exhausted to enjoy the dream when we get there.


Yes, everything takes work and sacrifice, but life is a marathon not a sprint, and we must prioritise self care if we really want to see our dreams come true.


TAKE ACTION: Give yourself a minimum of 10 min every morning and night to refill your cup with self care. Focus on getting good rest, good food, movement and space for yourself.


4. Find a Mentor


We don’t have to do everything alone and we don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Mentors and teachers save us unnecessary suffering and bring support that turns creating our dreams into a delight rather than a battle.


Plus, when we’re joyful, energised and feel supported we also feel unstoppable. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help, in fact the most successful people in the world surround themselves with amazing people that support them.


TAKE ACTION: Right now identify at least one person who can help you on your path. How will you reach out to them for guidance? Let yourself be supported in small ways every day and trust me magic will unfold!


5. Receive Through Gratitude


Gratitude is ultimate receivership. Through gratitude we attract things into our lives and open ourselves to receiving them.


When we “want” something we stay in the vibration of wanting. The more you want the more you want, this is a vibration of lacking and that stops us from receiving our dream.


The subtle but powerful shift is to, rather than wanting from lack, get excited about what is coming from a place of gratitude that this dream is a possibility.


This energises us, activates our creative thinking and opens us to receive all that is coming to support our dream in unexpected ways.


Every day take time to feel grateful that your dream is a possibility and that you’re on the path to creating it!


TAKE ACTION: Write, draw or list your vision. Every day take a moment and say to yourself, “I am so grateful and excited that this [be specific] is all coming to me.” Let yourself FEEL it and it will create a stronger imprint in your brain and energy system.

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