3 Ways to Heal a Troubled Mind

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by Sandy Hounsell

There is a lot going on right now which is having a huge impact on peoples’ lives. How are you managing with the daily round of news bulletins? Are you finding your thoughts beginning to err on the negative and fearful? 

Despite promising yourself that you’ll resist tuning into every bit of rapidly changing news, you listen anyway.

Deep down you don’t really want to hear any more about covid-19. You’ve got the message! Although you want your mind to remain open and be aware of the situation, you are finding that now harder to do. The rapidly changing situation maybe chipping away at your self-confidence. 

Fear will grab our attention so easily and so quickly.

We are not always aware we are being drawn down into negative thinking. It’s very easy to lose sight of our selves when we give our power over to fearful thoughts. And right now, it’s especially important we maintain a real loving connection with our self.

If you give a situation all or a lot of your attention, that is what your mind will focus on. It will put it firmly in ‘front of mind’. There, fear will slowly simmer away until it slips into the subconscious underpinning your thoughts and your decisions.

Whilst it’s down to each one of us to maintain an awareness of the rapidly changing events: it’s also up to us to establish a healthy balance between ‘being aware’, and ensuring we don’t get emotionally swamped by the fear of it all.

You know you have been caught up in the fear when your thoughts start to turn into anxiety. 


So how to stop struggling with those fearful thoughts that want to take over.

Here are 3 ways in which you can get back control of your thoughts and which will help you maintain an important healthy focus. Practice with each one in turn. However, when all 3 are incorporated as a new habit you will notice a more peaceful, calmer and clearer mind. Giving you the power to decide your thoughts.


1.   Acceptance.

• Accept what is happening right now. Just accept ‘what is’. 

• Don’t give fear energy by fighting it with ‘but what if?’

That doesn’t mean that you lie down and give up in trying to alter circumstances that you find scary. But in that moment of moving into a state of acceptance, the very first ripple of change can commence upon its journey of healing. And it doesn’t matter if it’s only a small ripple. It’s the ripple that begins a positive, new empowering outcome.

When the ripple starts fearful thought begin to lose their grip. The hold they once had over your life breaks. Setting you free to fuel your thinking with positive empowering energy. Thoughts that will ensure your peace of mind.

When being in acceptance you are pulling back your energy to be used for more self-fulfilling purposes. You stop feeding negative thoughts. This builds strength in your mind as well as in your body.

Fearful thoughts drag on our energy. They make us feel heavy and tired with little or no motivation. And motivation is also an important key to our success in shedding limiting thoughts. 

By not accepting ‘what is’, the mind struggle will simply continue. For when we resist out of fear, we give fear more power to rule our personal world.


2.    Acknowledgement. 

What we are doing here is creating a special space in which you can safely acknowledge any fears you have around the current situation. There is no blame or judgement in the art of acknowledgment. Just a loving gift of offering yourself time and space to explore how you really feel about your personal circumstances. Not what the world is grappling with.

Acknowledgement is significant in that it helps stop the eternal ramblings of worrying thoughts. This is because you are have shedding a light on them. You are not denying what is running around in your mind. That part of you which is worrying also gets to be heard. As you listen in it will cease running amok out of sight where it can cause greater angst and confusion.

In this special space

• Don’t deny your thoughts. 

• Get them out and down on paper and;

• Allow yourself to write for 5 minutes or so. 

It doesn’t matter what you write or how you express those fears. They are yours to express in whatever way you wish. Keep going for a few minutes to enable your deeper mind to join in. Many wonderful gifts get offered up when our deeper mind is given space to communicate.

When you take an honest look at how you view a particular situation, you place your self in a much healthier position in more ways than one. 

Not only do you gain a greater insight into the fears and thoughts causing angst. Your new found wisdom inspires a clearer mind and an empowered mind set. 

The act of acceptance and acknowledgment creates an avenue for positive change, increased self-confidence and self-awareness.


3.    Detachment. 

By practising detachment, you get to be the observer of your thoughts. As you watch them play out you will soon come to realise that they don’t actually belong to you. They are not part of who you are. You get to see them as thoughts only. Thoughts which you can change.

You will also learn different ways in which to view the situation. Changing your thinking habits is made easier when you detach and observe from a non-judgemental view.

And the more you observe, the more you realise that it is you that has all the power. You are indeed the one who is in the driving seat. Not the limiting thoughts that were once milling around in your mind. 

Detachment also enables you to connect more easily to your inner self by drawing your mind away from the external noise and distraction. As your mind quietens, you open the door to your inner sanctuary. Where you will find peace, calm and the insights you seek. 

By detaching from your thoughts, you are able to observe them from beginning to end. You see where that thought might take you. Then, by infusing that thought with positive energy you also see an alternative journey and outcome for a particular thought and the goodness that comes from it.

The foundation for a worrying thought may indeed be a valid one. Because when thoughts get entangled with emotion they take on a more distressful appearance. The feeling they evoke only adds to the worry. But the act of detachment can also help disseminate those uncomfortable feelings providing a calmer environment for your important decision making.


Remaining aligned with your world. 

It’s crucial to stay aligned with your world. This is the world you own. In your world you have the power to determine your desired outcomes. By honing your mind in on your inner world, you are effectively calling on the innate wisdom, which we all have within, to step up and come to your aide. Which it will.

If this is a new approach for you I sincerely encourage you give it a go. You have nothing to lose. You most definitely have the power within to effect positive loving change that will help heal a troubled mind.

Love Sandy xx


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