100 New Year’s Eve Resolutions

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

I believe we all agree that 2020, has been a most challenging year for many of us! This gives us all the more reason to tap into the opportunity of a new start that the New Year brings. 

The fear and instability of 2020 have made us look to the one place that we can find true peace and stability—regardless of external events—and that is within. 2020 has made it clear, how important it is to become the master of our mind, rather than our mind mastering us, and to refocus on the positive and good for 2021.

We have come to realise how important it is to become the master of our mind, rather than our mind mastering us.

Traditionally New Year’s is a time to make New Year’s resolutions, giving us the chance to focus on the things we want to create, rather than letting fear, stress and worry determine the direction of our life. Our mind is our most powerful tool in making our dreams become a reality. However, it is also possible for our mind to sabotage our best intentions when any negativity from our unconscious creeps in (our fears) and takes over what our mind is thinking. 

Our mind is a tool that creates the life what we want based on what we feed it—if we feed our mind negative thoughts consistently, it will create negative outcomes. We all have negative thoughts from time to time, however, when we are aware of what we thinking, we can change those thoughts to ones that support us.

Self-awareness, allows us to consciously train our mind by feeding it positive thoughts and beliefs. Rather than our mind being in control, we can consciously determine the direction of our life. Setting our intentions by choosing our New Years resolutions is a powerful way to do this.  

100 New years resolutions, to inspire and kick start 2021:

  1. Learn to paint
  2. Meet someone new, every week!
  3. Take up salsa lessons
  4. Become a vegetarian
  5. Learn to cook Mexican food
  6. Hug more trees
  7. Learn to communicate more effectively
  8. Consume less sugar
  9. Learn how to play the violin
  10. Do something new, every day!
  11. Work in a career you are passionate about
  12. Move out of home
  13. Overcome your fear of heights
  14. Strive to be noticed more at work
  15. Become a vegetarian
  16. Start reading for pleasure
  17. Run a marathon
  18. Take up rafting
  19. Start a familyWoman painting
  20. Quit Smoking
  21. Use less social media
  22. Learn rock climbing
  23. Finally, learn how to ride a bike
  24. Take up Yoga
  25. Do something outside your comfort zone, once a week
  26. Spend the year abroad
  27. Be more giving
  28. Give greater focus to your studies
  29. Start a diet
  30. Be more assertive
  31. Take up knitting
  32. Eat more greens  
  33. Learn a language
  34. Drink more water
  35. Become more flexible
  36. To believe in myself 100%
  37. Try being more social
  38. Laugh more often
  39. Be more friendly
  40. Practice being grateful
  41. Compliment myself and someone else daily
  42. Learn to relax
  43. Visit the snow
  44. Go on an adventure holiday
  45. Start a business
  46. Do 50 pushups every day
  47. Be more mindful
  48. Ask someone about their day, every day
  49. Repair your relationship with a loved one
  50. Spend more time with your childrenparents and child
  51. Take a greater interest in sport
  52. Visit parents more often
  53. Move to a new city
  54. Go to Uni
  55. Consolidate and overcome any debts
  56. Take up volunteer work
  57. Participate more actively in your religion
  58. Drink less coffee
  59. Tie the knot
  60. Write a novel
  61. Cook a dish you have never made, once every week
  62. Get a promotion
  63. Graduate
  64. Get a new haircut you have never had
  65. Buy new clothes and throw out the old
  66. Get a tattoo
  67. Have tattoo removed
  68. Decorate your house with flowers
  69. Strive to clean more often
  70. Do a good deed, every day
  71. Learn to meditate
  72. Join a gym and exercise actively
  73. Widen your friendship circle
  74. Get a pet
  75. Be more optimisticMan Cooking
  76. Reach out to old friends you have fallen out of touch with
  77. Discover what your passion is
  78. Lose weight
  79. Focus on saving money
  80. Drink less/no alcohol
  81. Enjoy life to the fullest
  82. Watch less TV
  83. Be more self-disciplined
  84. Sleep more
  85. Reduce stress
  86. Let go of a grudge
  87. Sleep when your body needs it
  88. Be more romantic
  89. Start a journal
  90. Leave behind an unhealthy relationship
  91. Improve charisma
  92. Be more responsible
  93. Start a blog
  94. Play fewer video games
  95. Learn to sing
  96. Do plank exercises every day
  97. Take beautiful inspiring walks
  98. Make an app
  99. Overcome a fear
  100. Be more punctual

The New Year a wonderful opportunity to consciously create new beginnings, a fresh start. A chance to grow your awareness, learn from last year and be all the wiser and content for it. Happy New Years everyone from all the Blisspot Team. We hope 2021 is one of peace, joy and fulfilment.

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