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Enjoy the accessibility and ease of online learning with leading self-care professionals. Discover how to care for yourself, so you feel healthy, happy and supported on a daily basis.

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Get personalised guidance specific to your situation, from leading self-care professionals. Online sessions allow you to access coaches, counsellors and psychologists from all over the world, from the comfort of your home.

  • Anne McKeown Master Life Coach. Certified NLP & Time Line Therapist

    Mindset Coach

    Anne is a highly regarded Master Coach and Founder of 2Mpower.co Her mission is 'to empower' others to find their inner strength and authentic self....

  • Tony Fahkry Author, Coach and Speaker

    Self-Empowerment Coach

    I believe everyone has great potential within them. It is a matter of awakening it to reach your most efficient level. By focusing on what is meani...

  • Lissa M. Cowan Published author, M.A. English Studies, Diploma in Writing

    I help people slow down and become more present. My heart-based writing coaching sessions and writing meditation course draw on somatic techniques tha...

  • Lisa Gumieniuk Holistic Wellness Coach & Mentor for women with stress, anxiety, overwhelm & fatigue

    Help business women who are stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and tired!

    Having been on my own health journey recovering from chronic illness for 6 years - I now help and support others.

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Access self-care blogs to give you practical ideas and strategies that you can implement straight away to feel more nurtured and cared for.

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Words are powerful in influencing how you think and feel. Tap into inspirational quotes for insights and positively impact your day.

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