Turn your blindspot into your Blisspot

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by Hollie Pita-Carr

Blindspot is an area where your view may be obstructed and you cannot see what is there.

It can be dangerous when you cannot see potential hazards. For example, if you were speeding along a highway wanting to change lanes, there is a risk if you cannot see what’s coming up. 

Your personal blindspot may be something that is risking your health and happiness, slowing you down, blocking you from progressing forwards and achieving the results you desire. 

If you cannot see your blindspot and are not aware of it, then that makes it harder to navigate around or avoid. However, there are ways to gain the clarity and perspective you need.

You don’t know what you don’t know. 

Just because you don’t know what your blindspot is yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a conscious effort to find out. 

After all, many accidents happen when people are driving and don’t see something in their blindspot before it’s too late. Don’t wait for a major collision to occur before you look into yourself to find what’s missing. 

You cannot fill a feeling.

So many people feel like something is missing in their life, yet they do not know what it is. They cannot put their finger on what they need. They think that if they buy this, or do that, or achieve certain milestones or status symbols they will be happy. Yet they are not, this doesn’t bring happiness.

You can’t fill the empty void you feel with food, alcohol, consumerism, or more and more stuff! 

However, the empowering truth is, if you don’t know something, then you can find out and learn.

Bliss comes from within (not without). 

Blisspot is a sweet spot of bliss where all areas of your life come together in harmony and you feel connected with your own inner sense of bliss.

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Blisspot is an online wellbeing community dedicated to supporting your health and wellness.

This is how you can feel your best, be your best, and live your best life.

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