The Surprising Healing Power of the Loving Adult

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by Dr. Margaret Paul

Discover why you cannot heal without a spiritually connected loving adult

Our loving adult is who we are when our intent is to learn about loving ourselves and others, and we are connected with our spiritual guidance.

Before Inner Bonding, I practiced as a traditional psychotherapist, and I often wondered why true healing seldom occurred. By true healing, I mean that people left their work with me feeling a deep sense of self-worth and inner safety, with relatively little anxiety and depression, and they knew how to manage their pain and they understood how to create a loving relationship. I didn’t know how to accomplish all this for myself, so of course, I couldn’t help others to do it. Yet I was doing all I had learned in school, all I had learned from books, all I had learned from my own extensive psychotherapy, and all I had learned from the many other ways I had sought healing.

What I did not know at the time, although I kind of sensed it, was that true healing could not occur without Spirit. However, there was nothing in all my years of schooling that even mentioned or implied this. Not one professor in my master’s program or my doctoral program ever stated that there is no true healing without a spiritual connection and spiritual help.

When Spirit brought Inner Bonding to Erika and me, we knew that we had to leave the ranks of traditional psychotherapy. We knew that it was a dead end – that without Spirit we would keep going round and round in the wounded self, because the wounded self cannot heal the wounded self.

What heals is love and truth, and love and truth are not generated from our programmed mind, which is what needs healing…

This is why, when a person diligently practices Inner Bonding, true healing occurs. Just like lifting weights develops muscles, Inner Bonding is the practice that develops the spiritually connected loving adult. The more you practice Inner Bonding, the more connected you feel to your personal spiritual guidance, and the more you are guided in taking loving action for yourself and others.

There is NO WAY to discover truth without a spiritual connection, and it is being able to bring through the truth that is the beginning of healing the false beliefs of the wounded self. There is no way to discover the beauty of your essence and feel a deep sense of inner worth without Spirit letting you know who you are. There is no way to feel safe unless you know that you are never alone – that you are always being guided toward your highest good. There is no way to stay centered in the face of attack without your loving adult bringing in the strength from Spirit. There is no way to feel the fullness of love in your being without Spirit, for Spirit is love. There is no way to consistently take loving action on your own behalf and on behalf of others without the strength and wisdom that comes through from the Spirit.

It is actually arrogant to think that we can heal without Spirit…

But, of course, the wounded self is arrogant, believing that it doesn’t need Spirit to be okay. This is one of the major false beliefs of the wounded self.

Many people come to Inner Bonding after trying many different forms of healing that have not worked for them. Even if they have done inner child work, they have not found the healing they have sought, because much inner child work does not include the development of a spiritually connected loving adult.

The more you practice Inner Bonding, the more you will discover the power of this practice to bring about healing on the deepest level.

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