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by Vance Larson

You always had the power.

A great line from The Wizard Of Oz that is still relevant today.

During morning meditation today, I keep hearing “You always had the power”. I am blessed to be able to work from home. I am even more blessed that daily, I am afforded the chance to meditate on the water. Living on the Delaware shore, I take full advantage of the ocean. Today was no exception. And today’s meditation was all about power. How we give ours away. How we think we don’t have any. And how we close the door on possibilities. 

The witch was right.

As my practice is in full swing, I am meeting so many people who have lost their sense of power. They don’t know who they are. And worst of all, they have become disconnected from self. With so many people reaching out lately, I wanted to speak on some simple, yet powerful ways to take your power back. Because when you’re lost and feeling defeated, you must become your own advocate. And like I have told my clients on so many occasions, “You always had the power.” The witch was right. You always have. 

While meditating this morning, I thought of 6 ways that we can begin to take our power back. Just as it was a cold and rainy morning, I journeyed to my sacred spot despite the weather. Knowing that life won’t always give us ideal conditions, but we keep moving to affirm who we are, and to grow into our full potential. 

So here are my suggestions to take your power back. Some may make you feel uncomfortable, but stay with. Over time you will feel better about them, and you will start to gain confidence. 

The 6 steps that powerful people do are:

1. See problems as opportunities. They don’t play the role of the victim. I love the saying “I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past”. I’m sure these people exist, but I’ve never met one. The strongest people that I have met, have walked though Hell and left that negativity behind. Which leads me to…

2. Cut the dead weight. Toxic people don’t get to be toxic anymore. If they don’t support you, they will drain you. And when you’re drained, you will continue to lose your power until you cut off the source of negativity. These people must go. Life is too short to surround yourself with people who suck the life out of you.

3. They plan for the future but live for today. They are realist. While the future is important to them, today is what matters most. If we are living for the future, we deny the power of what today holds. 

4. The ego must go. They know how to say I am sorry. Because powerful people are not perfect, they don’t pretend to be. By acknowledging their flaws and shortcomings, they gain strength. 

5. They understand that hearing no just means not yet. No is not final. Nor is it fatal. We’ve all heard the term don’t take no for an answer. There is power in the word no. We can use it as motivation, or hear it and accept it as devastation. The powerful person can discern. 

6. Unapologetically say no. Because it works both ways. Saying no without explanation has great power. Think of how many times we were on board with something that we didn’t want to do. Saying no gives you a voice. It validates your voice. And a powerful person will always speak up for themselves. 

We don’t need to master these overnight. But we do need to take steps. Because in the end, the witch was right. We always had the power. And it’s time to unleash it. 

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