Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

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by Sergei VanBellinghen

When you read or hear that stars can’t shine without darkness, it means that without bad things happening in your life, you would not realize what the good ones are. It is when you are only going through dark days that you know what you capable of. Life doesn’t end; it’s rather a new beginning.

How could you ever understand feeling good from feeling bad, if you only know the good all the time? What lessons could you learn? Is there a specific reason why disaster strikes?

Life is so that every so often tragedy strikes. It frequently is when you think everything is going great that your world tumbles down. Yet, the best way to look at dark times is to understand that there are no endings but only new beginnings. So, without darkness, there is no light.

Wherever you look, everything has an opposite in this universe. So, no matter how much you want only great things to happen to you and be happy go lucky all the time, life does not work that way. It is persistently made of ups and downs and highs and lows. But adverse life events always bring a possibility for you to grow, change and be better.

Look at the Bright Side

In our lives, when we are going through difficult moments, it is true that we have a tendency to more easily focus on all the negative things that are going on. But one day, the rain will stop falling, and a rainbow will take its place. So, it is the reason why you need to remember that stars can’t shine without darkness.

If there were no way to distinguish happiness, you would not be happy because you would not know what it is. Whenever you are going through an unfortunate circumstance, it is what is going wrong that hits you harder than the rest. And it is only human to have such feelings.

But if you decide to sit and wallow about your situation, then you will only prolong the pain. You should look and focus on the positive events in your life. No matter how small they are. The stars would not shine as brightly if there were not some darkness. Think about that!

Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

Easy is not an option. Life is hard at times. But we can all agree that theoretically speaking; stars can’t shine without darkness. You could not enjoy the warmth of the summer if there were no cloudy skies and cold winters. There can’t be any music without silence. Therefore, there is also no success without failure in life.

Yet, everyone thinks that failure is a step backward, but it is not true. I believe that each failure is a step forward in the right direction. I know it can be uneasy, but shining in the darkness is the thing that you should do when you are in the midst of a trial or misfortune in your life. It is like looking at a picture and seeing the good times in between the bad ones.

So, let’s take a different perspective for an instant. What if your same negative life event happens to someone else than you? You would see how different they would act or react. Some people would handle it better while some not. Why? Because it is how you define your reality, and everything that happens to you, that determine your reaction to the situation at hand.

Darkness, Stars, and Light

As a result, what is happening right now in your life is not happening to you as a result of chance. Your past experiences, beliefs, and consciousness have helped to create it. Believe it or not, your current situation has its causes and roots in the past.

Let’s consider this realistic analogy: When you look up into the night sky and see the stars, what you actually see is the past because some of those bodies may no longer exist. It is possible because stars are hundreds and thousands of light years away. The meaning is that it takes their light, traveling at 300,000 kilometers or 186,000 miles per second, hundreds or thousands of years to reach the earth.

Therefore, the bright light you see from a star a hundred light years away is actually a light it emitted a hundred years ago. That particular star could have exploded and disintegrated twenty-five years ago, but you would still see its light, and continue to see it for another seventy-five years, even though it has long ceased to exist.

The Power to Make a Difference

So, what I am trying to say is that you create your life by your perception of reality. And there is an opportunity in every difficulty. If something bothers you, then you need to take a look at what beliefs you have deep inside. Once you identify the wrong ones, you have the power to change and replace them. Then you can embrace the magical power of a different life.

And that is why you should look at everything in your life as an opportunity. It helps you show what you can do, not only to others but yourself as well. How would you ever know what you can truly handle until it is placed before you? But if you are pessimistic, you won’t know what you are really capable of. And if you are too realistic, you may never discover what life has in store for you.

So, enter each life situation with your eyes wide open, but always be optimistic no matter what. You have no better choice. Then allow life to happen to you in miraculous ways and know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong and shine the brightest. And always treasure each experience you have because, just like you, stars can’t shine without darkness.

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