Riding The Wave of Abundance in 2024

Happy woman doing yoga by the ocean
by Michelle Murphy

Imagine standing on a beach watching perfectly formed waves building, gathering momentum, reaching their peak, and then hanging suspended in a moment of pure perfection before collapsing in on itself and hurtling its spent energy towards the shore.

A perfect balance of tension and release—perpetual motion and flow.

There is something very healing as you allow yourself to be lulled by the hypnotic movement. 

Giving life to what is flowing through your inner world. 

Giving a voice to the words you have not felt safe to utter.

And a place for your emotions to flow without restraint.

The ocean is a reflection of power, majesty, strength, depth, darkness, roiling anger, churning, vastness, beauty, peace, joy and calm. 

The ocean—purpose, playful, sparkle, glimmering, mysterious, unapologetic, transparent, wild and unforgiving.  


It is time for a lighter more expansive energy to become the norm 

The invitation of 2024 is to step into this wild, powerful, and purposeful energy and all that it has to offer.  

To ride the waves, reach great heights of potential and then surrender to the greater good.

A dance of creative manifestation coupled with grounded action.

We are moving as a collective into a fresh new phase of growth and consciousness.

persons hand touching the ocean in beautiful light

We have been doing the churning, breaking down old patterns and structures that no longer serve us as individuals or as a race.

It is time for a lighter more expansive energy to become the norm. Lifting us out of the heaviness of negativity into infinite possibilities.

It is time to ride the waves of abundance—to reach into our true magnificence and innate nature. To feel the freedom and power of our authenticity.
To claim our individuality so that we can join together with the strength of knowing who we are and what we have to offer.

This is the promise of 2024 and just as you can observe the energy of the waves that captivate you and draw you in, that ignite and inspire you to be more, to do more… you can also feel the energy rise within you.  Allow it to lift you up… to hold the form of your magnificence for a heart-opening breathtaking moment, before you surrender and allow the energy to dissipate, to be reformed into a new version of YOU! over and over again.

You are the ocean, and the ocean is YOU! 

For those who have the courage, this is your time to ride the wave of consciousness.

For those ready to receive, it is time for you to ride the wave of abundance and ground it into your reality.

For those who are here to lead, we are deeply grateful for you are needed at this time.

For those who don’t feel ready, fear not.  Your time is near for you have one thing left to do…
Believe in YOU! As I believe in you.

You are the ocean, and the ocean is YOU!

You are not alone. 

Together we cross the threshold into 2024, into abundance, power and expansion.

Surfing the Waves

In every moment we have a choice—to be led by our fears or to trust in the plan we created for ourselves so long ago.

To navigate the energy with ease is to slide into the slipstream of alignment. To let go of all expectations and trust in the unknown.  For many this may feel counterintuitive however this is not the time to second guess yourself. 

An elite surfer does the work, makes plans, consults the weather experts, and then observes the water and currents before diving into the ocean and surrendering to a greater force.

We too must do the work, hone our skills, and then dive in. 

The qualities that will best serve us are TRUST, INTUITION, VIBRATION and CONSISTENCY.

TRUST: We have spoken of this several times already – to trust is to take inspired action with courage and self-belief.

INTUITION: is to connect to a vision, a dream that is bigger than you have ever experienced.  Holding the focus and energy even without seeing all the pieces laid out.

VIBRATION: Is the key to a stable easy ride.  When you operate from your own unique aligned frequency you merge with the energy of your highest timeline of potential.

CONSISTENCY: Consistency creates grounded incremental steps that will lead you to your dreams.  It requires showing up over and over again, creating routines, discipline and ultimately a deep relationship with self.

2024 is not about struggle, hard work or overwhelm—that is the old energy.  This new energy asks us to be present, to dream big, take action, own our power, and enter the field of miracles. 

Your Navigation Steps for 2024 

  1. Create a practice or ritual that you can do daily that is easy to achieve. Don’t overcomplicate it or you will end up creating excuses not to do it.  For best results, it would include an opportunity for you to move beyond your mind and allow you to connect with your higher self.  It would also be best to start the day with this practice as it will set your intention and raise your vibration. 
Woman walking along beach in golden sunlight

Ideas could include Yoga, mantra, walking in nature, meditation, journalling etc

  1. Create an affirmation or theme word for the year. This will anchor you so that you can keep coming back to this as a reference so that you can stay on track and not get lost at sea.
  1. Give yourself permission to dream BIG! Create goals or intentions that you can aspire to, these can be short-term or long-term goals. You get to choose the time frame that best suits you.  Take time to regularly check in with your goals and celebrate the increments towards that goal.
  1. This year is all about abundance. Make abundance an important area for you to explore.  Your relationship with money is a valuable path to unlocking many hidden beliefs and patterns that impact all areas of your life.  If this is new to you start with spending a moment each day to focus on money by blessing your bank accounts and having gratitude for the way money supports you.   Notice any resistance or negative thoughts and take time to journal what is going on underneath them, they are coming up to be released.
  1. As we mentioned earlier your vibration is key to accessing the full benefits of 2024. So make sure you have a community or group of high-vibe friends to hang out with in 2024.  And don’t share your dreams or goals with anyone that doesn’t fully support you.  Your dreams are sacred and deserve to be treated as such. 

As always amazing love and May 2024 be your best year yet! 

To learn more about ways to Ride the Waves Abundance, see more from Michelle Murphy here:

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