How to Express Gratitude and Appreciation

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by Blisspot Wellbeing

Gratitude, optimism, and kindness are integral in living a life of peace, joy, and happiness. It feels good to share your happy feelings and to share the love! Not for reward or from expectation, but because you want to be a true, loving expression of yourself. Don’t forget that it is just as important to be able to receive love as it is to give love—this creates a flow of energy in your relationships.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Appreciate the beauty and the divine wisdom within yourself. Give thanks for being just you often.
  2. Express gratitude once a day, either at the beginning or end of the day; giving thanks for all the wonderful things that have happened. Alternatively, there are many ways to express gratitude; you can say thank you to people directly, pick up the phone, write a letter, send an email, or give someone a hug, for example. Why limit yourself?  You can also express gratitude all day long and at the end of the day too—the possibilities are endless!


  3. Accept where you are in your life with gratitude, while taking positive steps to achieve your goals with an optimistic view. Often we think about where we would like to be in a year. However taking a 3-year view, can be more realistic and take the pressure off.
  4. Reframe situations you find challenging to support you in the best possible way. For example, if you think someone doesn’t like you as you haven’t heard from them for a long time, you could reframe that to “they must be busy as I haven’t heard from them, I will give them a call”.


  5. Write down all the things that you are grateful for, regarding life lessons. What did you once see as difficult and painful, but now you understand the deeper meaning and appreciate the growth it has created for you?
  6. Write a list of reasons as to why you love a person and give it to them.
  7. Be grateful for all the people in your life, for all the lessons and the joy they have created.

To learn more about gratitude and appreciation see: Bliss Every Day eCourse

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