How I Make My Days Even Better, Happier Days

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by Positively Focused

I like turning already good days, into better days. I do that, not by trying to “make” my days better but by removing the resistance I create about how great my days already are. When I do that, being positively focused, my days get even better.

What do I mean by “removing the resistance I create”?

These days, I simultaneously feel pulled in many potentially enjoyable directions. 

Finding Ease in the Abundance

It’s easy to get into a seemingly positive loop of “what to do?”… that leads to feeling “overwhelmed”, which stems from thinking “I don’t have enough time to do all these things”.

Overwhelm can lead to other thoughts and feelings, thoughts of lack or time scarcity, feeling impatience, even feeling dissatisfied with what I’m doing NOW.

Here’s the thing though:

The many things available, which still exist now as opportunities, represent a form of abundance. I call it “opportunity abundance.”

This abundance doesn’t feel like abundance when I think thoughts like “I don’t have time to do all these things.” Instead, this abundance feels like lack, like too many things to do… this abundance, rather than feeling like abundance can cause me to feel self-pity… if I let it go that far.

That can spiral into a lack of appreciation of the abundance. That lack of appreciation can affect other areas I really want to experience abundance in, such as the area of finances.

After all, I know the best path to realizing financial abundance that already exists in my reality is appreciating all other forms of abundance that aren’t financial.

Having a ton of things I COULD do, all of which thrills me to think about, IS ABUNDANCE. So rather than going down the path of negative thinking…

I Get Positively Focused

I monitor my thoughts, right now, and practice accepting where I am, NOW and enjoying what I’m doing, NOW. I do this while realizing those other things I also want to do aren’t going anywhere.

And if I’m successful, I find myself in JOY, NOW. I don’t find myself in a fear of missing out (FOMO) belief about these other things I could be doing and therefore resenting or feeling impatient about, what I am doing now.

Does make sense?

Finding the positively focused space, not only do I realize plenty of time to enjoy all these things, I realize too a state of lightness, a lighter way of being. Standing there, life gets really good.

Because not only am I enjoying my now, in this day, the rest of this day and future days, get better too as there are more things to do than I can possibly do in a today. Which means, there are plenty of fulfilling, fun things to do tomorrow and the next day and the next.

That’s life mastery. It’s also how I make my days even better, happier days.

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1 thought on “How I Make My Days Even Better, Happier Days”

  1. Amy Temple

    A very well written blog😁👍. Worrying is a prevention of living the best and biggest life. I agree that focusing on the here and now is the only way to enjoy the path.

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